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November 6, 2023

| 5 mins read

Carats to Clicks: How 3D Viewers for Jewelry Help Brands & Shoppers

Carats to Clicks: How 3D Viewers for Jewelry Help Brands & Shoppers

Technology is moving as fast as possible to bring convenience closer to our fingertips. Technology is playing a pivotal role in shaping a futuristic digital extension for countless industries, including the jewelry industry. Jewelry isn’t just about beauty and craftsmanship today, it’s also about ease and convenience. Numerous tools are bringing innovation to the jewelry industry, one such tool is a 3D Viewer that helps with virtual try on. Wait, what’s that?

while traditional eCommerce makes use of static, 2D images to display products, a 3D configurator is used to help online customers visualize products in real-time. In simpler words, you can virtually try on products online with the help of a 3D product configurator. This feature has redefined the behavior of customers and their process of purchasing jewelry.

The rising popularity of 360 product viewers is evident as an increasing number of consumers are turning to visual information for seamless shopping experiences. A whopping 78% of online customers demand improved product images when completing purchases. Therefore, it is crucial to implement a robust 3D product configurator to showcase a comprehensive array of details, ensuring customers enjoy an optimal interactive experience.

At mirrAR, we believe that the future of online shopping is experiential & hyper-personal. We provide AR solutions for jewelry giants across the globe, 3D Jewelry Viewer being one of them. 

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So, here’s how a 3D viewer for jewelry can prove beneficial for brands and consumers. 

1. Make your products look AMAZING online.

Imagine you’re out looking to buy a necklace for someone or yourself. Would looking at 2D images give you a better idea of how it looks? Well, close your eyes and start imagining. With a 3D product configurator-enabled product page you can see the product better i.e. visualize it better or you can even see it on you with a virtual jewelry try-on

Know this, a 3D product viewer ensures that your customers get a flawless view of the product at their initial glance and a majority of customers seek a comprehensive view of the products that capture their interest.

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We are all in some ways, giving in to new trends to keep up with rapidly changing customer expectations. And this is certainly the right one if you’re in the jewelry industry.  Incorporating 3D product viewers into product displays on eCommerce platforms is becoming a standard practice that you cannot overlook.

Furthermore, as the transition from physical stores to online shopping continues, customers are increasingly seeking improved ways to assess products before committing to purchases. They desire an online experience that mirrors the one they encounter in a traditional store.

A 3D product viewer proves invaluable in meeting this demand. Remarkably, 91% of online shoppers with medium to high activity levels consider a 3D product viewer to be essential. 

mirrAR provides a bunch of cool tools you can incorporate on your website such as AR for jewelry with high-resolution textures and material reflections that easily blend in with desktops, tablets, and mobile no matter what device or browser your customers use.

3. Turn a simple website into an ENHANCED shopping experience.

People go to malls because it’s an experience. Your website can be one too. mirrAR’s data shows that webAR for jewelry has resulted in a 160% increase in customer engagement on websites. 

A 3D product viewer allows your customers to easily engage with your products using a cursor (or by tapping on their mobile device). They can simply click and drag to explore your products from various perspectives.

This level of control is not attainable when viewing conventional images, leading to an enhanced level of customer satisfaction in the end. And club this with a virtual jewelry try-on? It’s a steal. 

4. “Don’t reduce returns,” said NO ONE EVER. 

It’s a fact– product returns hurt! The mind, the body, the hustle, and the wallet. Too many returns could even put your business at risk. Honestly, even your customers aren’t fans of returning products, they bought it because they liked what they saw in the first place and wanted to see more of it and it didn’t work out or look the way they had hoped when they tried it on

A 3D product viewer guarantees that customers thoroughly examine your products before adding them to their carts and proceeding to checkout. This ensures that when they finalize their purchase decision, they are assured that the product aligns with their requirements, reducing the likelihood of ordering items that might necessitate returns.

Ultimately, incorporating 3D spin images or virtual jewelry try-ons into your store can significantly enhance the precision of your product displays and reduce return rates by nearly 37%.

5. Sell MORE* with 3D product configuration & webAR

Yes, a 3D product configuration on your store *improves conversion rates. mirrAR reveals that 3D product viewers along with web AR Platform for jewelry lead to a 30% increase in sales conversion. 

A 3D product configurator not only revitalizes a brand's current jewelry collections, providing customers with a novel way to discover products, but it also serves as a time-efficient solution. By eliminating the necessity to build 3D models from the ground up, it significantly reduces both production time and costs.

Up until now, we’ve understood that 3D viewers make your products look great, help them sell better, give your customers a good experience, reduce returns, and it’s trending. Let’s sit back and ruminate upon this for a bit. Hmm… Smells like a great deal!

Imagine the amount of brand and product appreciation these tools such as 3D product configurators and virtual jewelry try-ons can develop among your customer base. Give your customers the satisfaction of buying your best product online with the help of AR with mirrAR!

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