Revolutionising Jewellery Shopping Experiences via Augmented Reality

Our Mission

Our Mission

We're on a mission to empower the fashion retail industry! We enable retail businesses across the globe to deploy and utilise our AR powered virtual try-on experience to its full potential. Whether it’s a more enticing selection process or an intuitive shopping experience, mirrAR pushes the boundaries of innovation by providing virtual try-ons in real time, online & offline. So far, we've grown to be a global family of 250+ clients in 44 cities. However, there 'AR' miles to go!




Inventory Digitised


Cities Worldwide


Virtual Try-Ons Every Month

Our Products


Integrate this solution & provide your customers with a unique ‘try-before-they-buy’ experience on your website.

mirrAR  In-Store

Create an immersive shopping experience with virtual try-ons of your digital inventory inside your store.

mirrAR App

Allow customers to try on your inventory virtually by sharing a secure link with them via social platforms.

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