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Revolutionizing watch shopping experiences with AR watch try on

Our 3D technology gives users true-to-life watch try on experiences.

3D Technology for Watch Try On Experiences | mirrar

Embrace the Future: Captivate a Ready-to-Buy Audience with AR Watch Try-On

Beyond transforming brands and increasing sales; there are also benefits in interacting with an AR-ready audience. According to Deloitte Digital research, 41% of consumers use AR to shop.

There are retail consumers who have never used augmented reality when shopping. 77%, or nearly 8 out of 10 people, have never experienced a virtual try-on feature but would consider giving it a try if it were readily available on a retail site. Moreover, 49% stated that they would be prone to buy from a brand that offers a virtual try-on option.

Research conducted by Deloitte Digital found that 74% of consumers expressed their opinion that AR technology will gain more importance in our lives in the next five years.

Kickstart Immersive Shopping for Your Brand Today with Augmented Reality for Watches.

Virtual Try On for AR Watches | mirrar

Markerless virtual watches 
Try-On Experience

mirrAR offers a seamless virtual try-on for AR watches on bare wrists without the need for any extra markers.

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3D Watches With A 360° View | mirrar

Try watches online with a 360° View

We enable digital product renderings with incredible accuracy via Ultra-precise hand mapping and tracking powered by state-of-the-art AI deep learning algorithms.

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Try-On Experience For Watches | mirrar

AR watch try on experience for everybody

Our hand tracking technology is trained on real hand models across gestures, skin tones, textures, and hand and finger sizes, all unique personal traits, providing a truly inclusive solution.

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Integrate mirrAR Augmented Reality Platform

Easy to integrate virtual watches try on

Our platform is compatible with all operating systems to ensure a truly omnichannel experience.

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Why chose mirrAR for ar watch try on?

Market Leaders in the AR space

We work with enterprise clients that have trusted the product for great cost-effectiveness and fast delivery than any other solution provider in the market.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

You can count on our comprehensive approach, including a mapped ecosystem, service blueprint, defined customer value proposition, fresh design, machine learning-backed recommendations, and data analytics.

Customer Centric Approach

Your business goals are at the centre of everything we do. By tailoring your virtual try-on solution to fit a specific phase of your marketing funnel, you can maximize ROI and gain tangible business advantages.

Frequently Asked Questions on AR for Watches

Is it possible to share the look with friends post the try on experience?

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How long does it take to integrate your virtual watch try on tool on a website?

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How do AR watches in ecommerce enhance the shopping experience?

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Can I customize and personalize the virtual watches using AR technology?

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Can I integrate the watch try-on feature on my brand's website or mobile app?

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How does augmented reality boost watch sales?

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