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April 8, 2022

| 8 min read

Virtual Try-On (and Why It's the Next Big Thing in E-Commerce)

Virtual Try-On (and Why It's the Next Big Thing in E-Commerce)

Technology has weaved its way into every sphere of life. And shopping is no exception. Today’s hyperactive shoppers have power in their hands. They use technology to compare and ultimately decide what they will buy. While in-store purchases had an edge over online purchases because of the ability to try before buying, the line is slowly blurring thanks to augmented reality or AR.

What is a virtual try-on?

A virtual try-on falls under the category of augmented reality. It enables customers to try on a product on themselves without actually touching the said product. All this is done virtually with the help of a phone, laptop, or other devices that capture the image in real-time. Virtually trying on items allows customers to know exactly how something looks on them. Whether it is shoes or a piece of Jewelry, virtually trying on products enables customers and retailers to connect without the barrier of customers coming to a physical store for shopping.

How virtual try-on works?

From necklaces & earrings to bracelets & rings! mirrAR enables powerful virtual try-on for all these categories. Markerless tracking is a game-changer because of its superior ability to track in real time video streams. It places 2D or 3D digital objects in the physical environment depending on the environment’s real features rather than identifying markers — the stability of the mirrAR experience is the best seen yet.

Which industries are embracing virtual try-on?

The sky's the limit when it comes to virtual try-on use cases. There are many popular companies in different industries that have started to use virtual try-on and have succeeded immensely as a result.

  • Oriflame is one of the best examples when it comes to virtual try-on makeup. The Oriflame app enables users to try on lipstick, eyeliner, blush, mascara, and eyeshadow virtually so they can see exactly how the various makeup products look on them instantly. This enables easy and effective shopping that couples convenience and satisfaction because women know how it looks on them prior to their purchase.
  • The virtual try-on for glasses is another example of augmented reality in use. Lenskart and VirTry are two examples of using augmented reality to try-on glasses and sunglasses. The eyewear industry is changing so people can try on different frames for glasses and sunglasses from the comfort of their homes. People have shown a positive response, which means the eyewear industry is likely to change its path so it can offer more such experiences to the customers.
  • Baume is a watchmaking brand that stepped into the virtual try-on bandwagon and has reaped benefits by doing so. The Swiss watchmaker provides a customization option to customers and allows them to try on the customised watches. This has allowed customers to know how the customised watch looks on their wrist so they can make changes if required and get the watch of their dreams.
  • Clothing is another industry where virtual try-on has proved to be a major success. Amazon is planning to launch virtual try-on clothes so customers can try before they buy from Amazon. Zeekit enables customers to try clothing online with the help of virtual images. Another example is Style.me where customers can create avatars and see how clothes fit on them. The fashion industry is quickly transitioning to provide AR technology through virtual fitting rooms.

The virtual try-on for Jewelry is proving to be effective. Choosing the right Jewelry, whether for a specific function or a big celebration can be a tricky and time-consuming process. Rather than go to a physical store and try-on Jewelry pieces, virtual try-on makes Jewelry shopping convenient and without any hassles. Regardless of which type of Jewelry customers want to buy, virtual try-on gives them the freedom to check how it looks on them so they can make decisions without a doubt.

How virtual try-on can help jewelers?

jewelers can benefit greatly from investing in virtual Jewelry try-on for their customers with mirrAR. The following are some benefits of doing so:

Digital inventory

jewelers can showcase their entire collection digitally. In-store, it can be difficult to showcase the entire collection if AR isn’t being used. However, it isn’t impossible when there is a digital inventory. Whether the jeweler is showcasing the designs on the website or an app, it is possible to display all the inventory that customers can choose from. This allows customers to choose from the entire collection.

Customer satisfaction

It is not possible to be sure about how something looks unless it is tried on. When customers know how the Jewelry looks on them, they are more likely to be satisfied with their purchase after they receive it. This means there will be a much lower rate of Jewelry returns. A highly satisfied customer will repeat-buy from the brand that provides a positive experience. This equates to higher revenue for the jeweler.

Customer engagement

Customer engagement forms the crux of customer experience. Jewelry brands that have a virtual try-on feature in their stores, apps, or website report higher customer engagement because the power is in the customer’s hands. Customers get to choose what they want to ultimately buy. With AR, it becomes easier and quicker for shoppers to shop for Jewelry without moving from their couch. Customers are more likely to engage with your brand when you provide them with a consistent experience.

Reach more customers

Not every customer will be willing to visit and shop in-store. Providing virtual try-on facilities via websites or apps enable jewellers to reach more people globally. As people try Jewelry conveniently from anywhere, they will spend more time and are likely to become loyal customers. This can help increase the global customer base and eventually increase the Jewelry brand’s reputation and recall value.


Customers save time as they don’t have to physically try on an item or wait for it to be taken out for trial. Retailers save time because they don’t have to take out the preferred Jewelry piece and let the customer try it. Retailers can allow many customers to try on Jewelry they like whenever they wish and the same piece of Jewelry can be tried on virtually by many at once. This saves time and allows both customers and Jewelry brands to focus on what matters more.

Augmented reality is here to stay and for the Jewelry industry, it is expected to be the next big thing. jewelers who want to make a mark digitally should invest in AR technology such as mirrAR that specifically caters to Jewelry brands. We enable jewelers to grow to their full potential so they can showcase their unique designs and pieces to their customers effortlessly.

Embracing the Virtual Try-On Revolution: How mirrAR is Transforming Retail for Retailers and Consumers

In the dynamic landscape of retail, a profound transformation is underway, driven by the seamless integration of technology into the shopping experience. Leading this innovative wave is mirrAR, a trailblazer in Virtual Try-On (VTO) solutions, harnessing the power of augmented reality (AR) to redefine

Interactions between retailers and consumers. 

mirrAR offers a tailored suite of VTO tools across diverse industries, including jewelry, eyewear, beauty, and watches. Through the immersive capabilities of AR, mirrAR empowers retailers to craft engaging experiences that seamlessly blend the online and offline shopping realms.

Skin Analysis: Perfect Makeup, Personalized Precision

 mirrAR's skin analysis feature is a game-changer for beauty enthusiasts, unveiling the path to discovering their ideal makeup shades with unparalleled precision.Advanced algorithms analyze skin tone, undertones, and blemishes to provide personalized makeup recommendations. This revolutionary tool allows consumers to virtually experiment with a myriad of makeup products, ensuring a flawless and a confident look.

 Eyewear: Virtually Finding the Perfect Fit

 Revolutionizing the eyewear shopping experience, mirrAR's VTO technology allows users to virtually try on an extensive array of frames. By leveraging AR, customers can explore how different styles  complement their facial features, eliminating the guesswork in traditional eyewear shopping. The result is a selection of frames that not only enhance style but also provide a comfortable and secure fit.

 Beauty: Cosmetic Exploration Redefined

 mirrAR's beauty VTO technology transforms how consumers explore and experiment with cosmetic products. Users can virtually apply lipstick, eyeliner, blush, mascara, and eyeshadow, visualizing the enhancement of their natural beauty. This immersive experience empowers consumers to discover their unique makeup style with confidence, aligning makeup choices with personal preferences and style.

 Watches: Immersive Timepiece Experiences

 Elevating the watch shopping experience, mirrAR's watch VTO technology offers consumers an unparalleled opportunity to virtually try on a diverse range of timepieces. Digital watch models are superimposed onto the user's wrist, allowing them to visualize how different styles, sizes, and colors complement their attire and personal style. This immersive experience ensures informed purchase decisions, selecting watches seamlessly integrated into their wardrobe and lifestyle.

 Benefits of mirrAR's VTO Solutions

 mirrAR's comprehensive suite of VTO solutions delivers numerous benefits to both retailers and consumers:

 Enhanced customer engagement: VTO creates interactive and enjoyable experiences, fostering customer engagement and building brand loyalty.

 Reduced product returns: VTO significantly diminishes product returns by enabling customers to virtually try on products before making a purchase.

 Improved customer satisfaction: VTO provides a convenient and personalized shopping experience, leading to higher customer satisfaction and positive brand associations.

 Increased sales: VTO simplifies product discovery and decision-making, boosting sales and revenue growth.

 Expanded customer reach:VTO allows retailers to reach a wider audience beyond physical store locations, expanding their customer base and market reach.

 mirrAR: Paving the Way for the Future of Retail

mirrAR stands at the forefront of the VTO revolution, continually innovating and expanding its suite of solutions to meet the evolving needs of retailers and consumers. By seamlessly bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds, mirrAR empowers businesses to enhance customer experiences, drive sales, and redefine the future of retail.

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