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AI skin scanner for

Give shoppers detailed skin analysis insights and personalized product recommendations in real time.

AI Skin Analysis Technology For E-Commerce | mirrar

Ultra Precise AI Skin Analysis Tool & Product Recommendation

Innovative AI Skin Analysis  | mirrar

AI Beauty Diagnostics Verified by skincare professionals

This innovative skin technology was built using over millions of images to develop AI deep learning algorithms.

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Increase Skincare E-Commerce Sales With AR | mirrar

Increase skincare E-commerce sales with our Skin Scanner

By integrating the AI Skin Analysis technology into the online shopping experience, our partners have been able to boost online engagement time by 160% and conversions by 30%.

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AI skincare Analysis Technology | mirrar

AI Face Analyzer: Best alternative to online skin questionnaire

AI skincare analysis technology can completely replace traditional online surveys. The technology is able to detect multiple skin concerns in just a couple of seconds.

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Live result visualisation | mirrar

Live Result tracking with virtual skin analyzer

Our AI engine can also create before/after simulations on a user's face to visualize and track the progress of skin issue treatments.

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Integrate mirrAR Augmented Reality Platform

Easy to integrate skin scanner

Our platform is compatible with all operating systems to ensure a
wholesome omnichannel experience.

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Why choose mirrAR for skin analysis tool?

Market Leaders in the AR space

We work with enterprise clients that have trusted the product for great cost-effectiveness and fast delivery than any other solution provider in the market.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

You can count on our comprehensive approach, including a mapped ecosystem, service blueprint, defined customer value proposition, fresh design, machine learning-backed recommendations, and data analytics.

Customer Centric Approach

Your business goals are at the centre of everything we do. By tailoring your virtual try-on solution to fit a specific phase of your marketing funnel, you can maximize ROI and gain tangible business advantages.

Frequently Asked Questions on AI for skincare

Are the skin concerns customizable according to our brand?

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How long does it take to integrate your AI Skin Analysis on a website?

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How do you come up with the insights of the analysis?

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What is the use of AI in skincare?

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Is the AR skin diagnostic tool suitable for all skin types and tones?

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What is AI skin analysis?

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What are the benefits of using an virtual skin analyzer?

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