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Beauty shopping experiences with
Makeup AR

Give your consumers a true-to-life virtual makeover experience in real-time with our AR makeup tool. The future of beauty is here.

via our augmented reality technology.

Advanced AI + AR features for an Immersive Virtual Beauty Shopping Experience

Offer your customers instant access to the best of beauty. Whether trying out a new eyeliner or lipstick, our virtual makeup software lets them try on dozens of shades with zero commitment

Ultra Realistic Facial detection technology for AR Makeup

Powering realistic facial mapping for accurate makeup trials. With 300+ facial points, our technology can easily detect wide-angle facial profiles, dramatic facial movements, and changes in light. Consumers can move their heads, make duck faces, and blink and the product will follow their movements realistically.

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Experience Shopper-Friendly Augmented Reality solutions For Beauty

Our technology is simple to use, jitter-free & lag-free while being ultra-precise tracking in real-time for users across ages and ethnicities. The augmented reality tool in the beauty industry easily weaves into your platform. Build your virtual SKUs and activate the “makeup try-on” across channels.

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Virtual Makeup Software Integration | mirrar

Virtual Makeup Software Integration for multiple devices across channels

All of your AR makeup effects created with us will be accessible to all your customers on your website, branded application, social media handles across devices & also, in retail stores. Your customers can instantly try hundreds of your makeup products on themselves from smartphones, tablets, and PCs, thanks to mirrAR’s AR-enabled beauty tool.

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Virtual Makeover Software To Compare Looks And Products | mirrar

Try Our Virtual Makeover Software to compare looks and products

Customers can easily compare one look with another, side by side, in the same virtual try-on window. They can preview all eye, lip, face, brow, and cheek products on images or videos in real-time. The product that looks best on them can then be added to the cart directly.

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Integrate mirrAR Augmented Reality Platform

It's easy to integrate

Our platform is compatible with all operating systems to ensure a wholesome omnichannel experience. You can place it into your e-commerce website, mobile app, and in-store fitting mirror.


The need of the hour is that jewellers cater to consumers via the digital space. That's where mirrAR steps in; Through AR/VR techniques, our consumers feel how a jewellery piece looks on them from the comfort of their homes. Implementation of this feature powered by mirrAR, made online purchases more convenient for our customers. As a result, the returns of our online orders have reduced by 20% in the past year.

Gaurav Midha
Senior Manager Marketing - Tanishq

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We would like to appreciate the seamlessness of the experience, which has been integrated in six offline stores and has been used by 1 Lac+ customers owing to 4.5L try-ons on our website. It’s a delightful immersive technology in business as well as among our customers. We acknowledge this spirit and have faith that we will be able to serve such a digital experience to our worldwide customers in the future.

Suvankar Sen
MD & CEO - Senco Gold & Diamonds.

Why choose mirrAR's Augmented Reality Solutions for Beauty?

Market Leaders in the AR space

We work with enterprise clients that have trusted the product for great cost-effectiveness and fast delivery than any other solution provider in the market. From foundation or contour, we build highly accurate virtual makeover software for every cosmetics business.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

You can count on our comprehensive approach, including a mapped ecosystem, service blueprint, defined customer value proposition, fresh design, machine learning-backed recommendations, and data analytics. We use our expertise to build end-to-end AR makeup platforms to transform your cosmetics business into THE brand of the future.

Customer Centric Approach

Your business goals are at the center of everything we do. Besides being tech experts, we are well-privy to the business challenges of cosmetics retailers. By tailoring your virtual try-on solution to fit a specific phase of your marketing funnel, you can maximize ROI and gain tangible business advantages.

AR Playbook for Jewelry Retail

The Ultimate AR Playbook

Unlocking Augmented Reality in Beauty Retail

Explore the future of beauty retail with our AR Playbook, featuring real-world case studies and insights to enhance shopping experiences with mirrAR


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