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September 8, 2023

| 5 mins read

From Pitch to Purchase: How B2B AR and 3D Product Demos Streamline the Sales Cycle

From Pitch to Purchase: How B2B AR and 3D Product Demos Streamline the Sales Cycle

The B2B sales cycle runs on relationships, and those do not end when customers purchase. Over the past few years, sales processes have undergone tectonic changes. The customer buying pattern is no longer the same.

As such, B2B companies across industries are switching to leading-edge technologies to offer better, more compelling shopping experiences. Among the favorites for refining sales are 3D visualization and augmented reality solutions, especially in large or complex products.

Traditional product demonstrations are not engaging enough to stay in customers’ minds for long. Additionally, demonstrating products on-site is money and time-consuming. Enter 3D and AR B2B product demos, creating hands-on, immersive touch points that pull customers in to showcase products and their unique selling propositions (USP).

Let’s take a deep dive!

B2B AR Product Demos - A Brief Overview

Whether your products are big or small, AR is the perfect way to display products at trade shows, expos, or conferences. Rather than relying on video presentations, scale models, or static images, retailers can showcase their products right in front of clients.

B2B AR product demos are virtual presentations that use AR software to showcase products or services to business customers. These immersive and informative demos feature 3D models and interactive elements, enabling prospects to explore and engage with products virtually.

By fusing physical and digital worlds (phygital), B2B AR product demos improve product understanding and help businesses secure deals more efficiently, making them a valuable tool in B2B sales strategies.

B2B 3D Product Demos - A Brief Overview

B2B 3D product demos are interactive presentations that use 3D modeling and rendering techniques to illustrate a product’s functionalities in a digital environment.

These demos involve true-to-life 3D simulations of the products, offering an immersive and dynamic shopping experience. Customers can engage with a product and check it from various angles, explore its features, and understand its working in a visually compelling manner.

While product demos are an excellent way to walk customers through products’ capabilities, 3D product configurators help them tailor the products based on their needs. The powerful combination builds lifelike product representations, letting customers explore and pick different options, including materials, colors, sizes, and features.

That way, they can build a personalized product version that meets their preferences and needs.

Key Features and Benefits of B2B AR Product Demos

Minimal Product Returns

AR software eliminates the need for clients to comb through pages of product demos and fine print by visualizing critical features and benefits on smart screens. Additionally, it enables them to interact virtually with those features, reconfigure them, and see how they work while monitoring the cost of the design in real time. Simply put, they can make decisions faster and more confidently.

Reduced Costs

With augmented reality B2B product demos, you can save on costs associated with supply, manufacturing, and inventory. As clients virtually customize your product to their operational needs, you do not need to maintain a stacked inventory for both raw materials and finished products. Consequently, you can trim expenses in numerous other departments, including marketing, logistics, and storage.

Indeed, B2B leaders have experienced 30% cost savings after deploying AR software as a sales tool.

More Upselling/Cross-selling Opportunities

No B2B seller wants to lug a complete line of waterjet cutting systems around them all day. If you manufacture heavy machinery, that is next to impossible.

AR B2B product demos enable you to showcase your entire product portfolio virtually. If the client hints at a different need, you can effortlessly switch to a new product line without making a separate sales meeting. What is more, you might not even need a meeting as long as the AR-enabled demonstrations paint a detailed enough picture.

Key Features and Benefits of B2B 3D Product Demos


The build-once-deploy-everywhere capability of 3D product demo platforms delivers hyper-personal and engaging interaction to clients — whether they are trade show attendees, web visitors, or meeting with a salesperson (virtually or in-person).  The application lets highly technical buyers configure product settings, sizes, and other parameters before purchasing it.

Saves Time

Clients want to see a product before purchasing it. B2B 3D product demos allow users to create products they believe are perfect for their operations. Moreover, your clients can see the product in their personal spaces. As such, you save time from unimportant interactions, in-store visits, or phone/video calls and focus more on the manufacturing-sales process.

Better Customer Engagement

Physical product samples fall short of exhibiting the true capabilities or value proposition of a particular product. B2B 3D product demos empower clients to immerse themselves with intuitive product models and see how the personalized item would fit in their production units.

Whether the meeting is happening in person or virtually, 3D product visualization walks clients through every inch of the product. That way, buyers and sellers can have more meaningful and relevant discussions.

How B2B AR and 3D Product Demos Are Revolutionizing the B2B Ecosystem?

Running a B2B company is challenging, particularly if you sell complex /large-sized products or have a massive product portfolio. After all, you cannot drag a heavy-duty machine or vehicle to every client meeting.

B2B 3D and AR software eliminate these barriers, enabling remote and efficient product demonstrations, reducing travel expenses, and accelerating decision-making. 

They can, for instance, see how automotive parts and accessories will look on their vehicles at trade expos. They can visualise how furniture and decor items at B2B exhibitions will look in their homes before making a purchase.

Even if they intend to purchase a necklace, they can try through the AR-enabled product demo and see how it fits around their necks.

No doubt, B2B AR product demos are the ultimate version of “try before you buy.” In fact, engaging with AR-enabled product experiences boosts conversion rates by 94%.

Exploring the Advantages of B2B AR Technology as An Experiential Yet Sustainable Marketing Tool

Augmented reality solutions are a powerful tool that combines experiential marketing with sustainability, offering a unique set of advantages in the B2B sector.

Intuitive Storytelling

Thanks to AR-generated perceptual information, you can tell stories more engagingly and reactively. By involving prospects in live product demos, AR software provides more in-depth insights. Clients can discover options, pick multi-features, and understand how the product boosts ROI. Furthermore, the immersive technology improves brand impression and adds a whole new dimension to B2B sales.

Evaluating User Behavior

B2B AR software monitors how users engage with products during demonstrations. This includes which product features or aspects users spend the most time exploring, how they re-configure 3D models, and which intuitive elements they engage with. These insights help B2B companies to finetune their sales and marketing strategies.

Predict Future Trends

B2B augmented reality solutions offer insights into user engagement and the effectiveness of various elements within product demos. These rich data sources help B2B brands anticipate potential sales trends and customer actions. They can then plan inventory, allocate resources, and adjust pricing strategies to align with predicted market conditions.

Unlock the future of B2B jewelry sales with augmented reality for jewelry. Elevate your business today!

Close Deals Faster

B2B 3D and AR product demos can make products of any sort portable. They will become the norm for businesses, particularly those with extensive product portfolios.

Before 3D and AR B2B solutions, businesses had to ship products to buyers, invite clients on-site, or bank on images and technical drawings. Thanks to these immersive technologies, customers can see products instantly, no matter their location.

Whether you deploy 3D and augmented reality solutions on display screens or mobile devices or use QR codes to let visitors activate experiences on their devices, these realistic interactions deliver far more results than a free pair of sunglasses.

So, do not wait to see how your competitors leverage 3D and AR B2B solutions. Instead, become the category leader by offering the best buying experience in the B2B realm.

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