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There is So Much Left To Build

We mean, there ‘AR’ miles to go before we stop! At mirrAR, we work for the common good—within our organisation and with our partners around the world. We’re building a future where data can be leveraged to create value by revolutionising shopping experiences across the globe.

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Who's your future team?

At the heart of everything we do at Mirrar is the people. To build a great product and company, you need great people and we're proud to have such an incredible team. We've built a team from some of the most reputable start-ups and tech companies across India and beyond.

Beyond proven experience building great products, the diverse cultures and ways of working brought to us by the team are absolutely key in order to build a truly global AR product - that works for everyone. We're always working hard to build a represented team and even though we still have a lot of work to do, we want to share where we are at the moment with how the team's made up.

Benefits & Perks

We know start-ups can be equally great and challenging, so we've put together
benefits to look after you and help you bring your best to work.

Competitive Salary

We offer competitive salaries and the opportunity for you to have an equity stake in Play. This ensures you're motivated throughout your journey to build 'your' company.

Health Insurance

In today's world, you need peace of mind when it comes to health insurance. That's why we work with the best for securing you, your spouses and dependents.

Generous PTO

We're very ambitious but we also recognize the need to rest and recharge. We encourage you to take your PTO and enjoy our company holidays thoroughly, as and when you like.

Team-First Mentality

Having helped create a strong culture in our  company, we believe in creating a team-first organization where no individual is greater than the whole. One direction, always.

Parental Leave

We believe it is critical to do our part in helping people build strong families. Even though we're a "smaller" startup, we still offer all full-time employees our paid family leave policy.

Work Flexibility

We offer complete flexibility to experiment with your work. Creativity and swiftness is in our ethos and we're always looking for the next creative genius.

Open roles

Don't see any opening of your interests?
Reach out to us at hr@mirrar.com


Senior Graphic Designer