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December 18, 2022

| 10 min read

5 Lessons Jewelers Can Learn from the Top Jewelry Brands

5 Lessons Jewelers Can Learn from the Top Jewelry Brands

The top jewelers always tend to stay ahead in the game because they identify the pressing needs of the market and act accordingly. And more often than not, it is their jewelry advertising strategies and customer service that help them to retain their old customers and constantly attract new ones.

There is nothing wrong with following the tactics employed by the top jewelers in the industry. They might have a solid team backing them up, but you can always follow a scaled-down version of their plans to fast track your business growth and drive home more revenue. Here is what you can learn from the top jewelry brands and build a successful jewelry business.

1. Market online like David Yurman

David Yurman is a famed jewelry brand in the world. And its rise to popularity has closely been fueled by digital marketing. David Yurman has been heavily investing in online branding for jewelry business, and one of its top campaigns includes influencer marketing.

The company partnered with popular bloggers like Wendy’s Lookbook and Atlantic Pacific to spread its word in the blogging ecosystem. David Yurman knew that people trusted the social media icons they followed and took advantage of this to drive sales.

Back in 2017, David Yurman was already doing Facebook live streams. Instead of hiring celebrities as its ambassadors, the brand partnered with social media influencers. If your budget is tight and you need to spread your word fast, influencer marketing is the area to explore.

2. Offer exclusivity like Tiffany and Co.

Tiffany and Co. has existed in the industry for nearly two centuries now and the brand defines how a successful jewelry business should look like. Over these many years, Tiffany has maintained one theme constant in its business – exclusivity.

You will rarely find a jewelry design like Tiffany. Its jewelry advertising around the engagement rings also repeats this story as every piece highlights the diamonds with exclusive designs. Customers love the uncommon shine and the unique design, and Tiffany has stuck to this framework to drive home success.

Offering exclusivity as a jeweler drives credibility. If people see designs in your store that they cannot find anywhere else, you will lead the market because your product, the core of your business, is solid.

3. Focus on online customer experience like Tanishq

Given its massive stores spread all over India, Tanishq may not resonate with you as one of the top online jewelry brands. But this is where Tanishq is doing almost everything right by focusing equally on both offline and online customer experience.

Tanishq was one of the top adopters of mirrAR’s augmented reality technology. With mirrAR, Tanishq’s online customers can virtual try on jewelry in real-time and mimic the try-and-buy feature of offline buying. mirrAR uses the phone camera to generate the customer’s live feed. On it, it can superimpose any jewelry to give the customer a mirror-like feeling.

Tanishq naturally improved its online business revenue with mirrAR. Soon, other top jewelers of India like Senco Gold and Kalyan Jewelers also followed suit to include mirrAR augmented reality into their online shopping platforms.

AR is the future for online jewelry brands to provide an unmatched customer experience. As you already know, the jewelry industry has always depended on try-and-buy to help customers make decisions, and AR is the way to continue providing the same virtually.

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4. Be innovative like Cartier

This France-based jeweler or luxury goods conglomerate was one of the first to bring out women’s bracelets with a screw and lock mechanism. The jewelry was meant to be gifted to lovers, where one got the bracelet while the other had the key to the lock. It instantly became a hit among couples.

Cartier also popularized men’s wristwatches. It is the first brand to make jewelry out of platinum and bring back historical designs into contemporary jewelry.

The strategy for branding in jewelry business has always been simple for Cartier. They told their customers that they are all about luxury mixed with the right hint of innovation.

This is the way to break the monotony of jewelry designs. Creating something new is also an excellent way to capture quick attention. Divert your resources to develop new product ideas, and it can help build a loyal line of customers.

5. Build a website like Forevermark

People today find it difficult to trust brands that do not have a website. And just any website will not do when you are trying to compete with the likes of ForeverMark. The brand’s website welcomes you with a virtual tour of their store. You can explore their full collection with just one click or scroll down to find out what new jewelry the brand is currently selling.

Easy navigation, transparency, online shopping features, and an interactive chatbot – these define Forevermark’s website. The layout is clean. The animations are professional. The customer experience on the website helps to build credibility and allows research which has become the top trend of modern shopping.

Having a website as a jeweler is important now. If your jewelry advertising campaigns are indeed successful, the first place where your potential customers will come looking for you is the internet.

Key takeaways

We can summarize the above lessons from the mentioned top jewelers into the following points.

  • While marketing jewelry brands, you need to explore unique digital strategies that deliver quick results. Influencer marketing is on the rise now and you can start with micro-influencers.
  • Nothing matches exclusivity and uniqueness in the jewelry industry. Say these in your jewelry advertising efforts and deliver standout designs.
  • Use the available technology to improve your customer’s online shopping experience. mirrAR is perfect for jewelers to adopt without any major change in their existing ecosystem.
  • Innovate new pieces of jewelry. Target a specific niche or go broad. Innovation can give you the right kind of attention.
  • Build a captivating website with all the necessary features. Be transparent, allow online shopping, and be accessible to your customers.

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