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August 8, 2023

| 5 min read

How AR Can Disrupt the Beauty Industry

How AR Can Disrupt the Beauty Industry

What’s Happening Now: Status Quo of the Beauty Industry

Beauty and skin-care conscious customers all over the globe are unremittingly in a pursuit to find newer ways to maintain their beauty regime. They spend a stupendous amount of money to seize this pursuit. According to Groupon, American females spend around $3,756 per year on beauty products and services. For microscopic data, they spend $10 per day.

Today, the global beauty industry generates around $500 billion business. And by 2025, the industry is poised to surpass the revenue to the tune of $800 billion. Beauty is a serious business.

Despite these impressive stats, there are acute challenges confronted by the industry. Customers are more informed and knowledgeable than ever, thanks to the age of social media and trailblazing internet access. As a result, brands find it difficult to convince about their product benefits to these smart customers. Here comes the technology. Technology has been playing a crucial role in eliciting a revolution in the beauty world by facilitating downright new customer experiences, never-walked customer journeys and a drastic shift towards personalization. The ongoing technological developments are potentially curbing the customer’s shopping anxiety, enabling them to experience a newfound shopping pleasure. 

Disrupting the Beauty Industry: A Closer Reality

The digital world is coinciding with our real world to an increasing extent. The beauty industry, like any other industry, is not isolated by technological advancements. The world is marching towards futuristic solutions, and so is the beauty industry parallelly moving forward. 

The beauty industry is abundant with a variety of products and brands who can cater to the customers’ needs. However, due to this sizable presence, customers often feel overwhelmed, and at times confused, with the bloated claims of these brands who promise to offer the best products.

To refute, or at least debunk, these claims, brands need to take a cognizance of the dynamic nature of customer preferences. The industry is on the cusp of getting disrupted, which is gradually happening at some places and readily acclimatized by few brands at other places. It’s all about of how quickly brands are willing to jump on the bandwagon and revitalize their brand outlook with AR beauty solutions. AR is no more a marketing hogwash, it’s a reality few are experiencing. And disrupting the beauty industry is a closer reality, the question is how close brands are standing. 

Getting Up-Close-And-Personal with AR and AI

There was a time when Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence were terms often tossed around for domains such as gaming, advertising and marketing, education, healthcare, etc. However, nowadays, AR and AI have seeped into every domain you could think of, and the beauty industry is no exception. Predominantly due to the worldwide pandemic event, the players in the beauty industry were getting back on their feet amidst cultural, technological, economical and social backdrop. They started adopting and leveraging agile strategies and state-of-the-art technologies – such as AR and AI – to offer their services in a safer and convenient manner. What came as a temporary solution to tackle the pandemic is now here to stay forever, and for the better.  

  • AR: A Virtual Mirror for Beauty Trials :- Brands and retailers are actively integrating virtual makeup try on into their e-commerce websites and offline stores to enhance the customer’s buying experience. Through AR-powered shopping experience, customers can seamlessly try on various makeup products, hairstyles, and even experiment with different beauty looks, all in real-time. This immersive virtual makeover experience enables customers to single-handedly demonstrate how products will look on them before making any purchase, significantly reducing product returns, thus boosting sales and customer satisfaction. 
  • AI: A Hyper-Personal Experience :- Artificial Intelligence plays a crucial role in customizing beauty recommendations. By analyzing humongous amounts of data, including personal preferences, facial features, and skin type, AI algorithms can easily provide spot-on and bespoke beauty suggestions for individual customers. Such length and breadth of personalization fosters a deeper connection between consumers and brands, leading to heightened sense of involvement in shopping.

On the other hand, the synergy of AR and AI is also being used to develop educational AR beauty and AR makeup tutorials. Virtual tutorials help customers learn stepwise lessons on things like - how to put on makeup to achieve a desired look. This proves to be extremely beneficial for people who are entirely new to makeup or want to experiment with different looks and styles.   

AR successfully troubleshoots color matching confusion, makes virtual makeover possible and lets you try all shades without any need to touch the products

Why mirrAR

Step into the future of the beauty industry with mirrAR, a groundbreaking company at the forefront of AR technology. Mirrar.com offers a transformative and immersive beauty experience like no other, revolutionizing the way we interact with cosmetics. With mirrAR’s cutting-edge Augmented Reality solutions, beauty enthusiasts and professionals alike can now explore a vast array of makeup products virtually, trying on different shades and styles in real-time. Say goodbye to the frustration of buying the wrong shade or the fear of experimenting with bold looks — mirrAR empowers you to unleash your creativity and discover your perfect beauty match effortlessly.

mirrAR has registered a staggering 12 million product try-ons till date, serving 50+ customers spanning more than 100 countries across the world. mirrAR is trusted by industry leaders like Tanishq, Kalyan Jewellers and many more. You can easily integrate mirrAR’s AR solutions on your website, app, store or social media platforms.  

Whether you're a beauty enthusiast seeking inspiration or a professional striving to deliver top-notch services, mirrAR’s comprehensive AR platform caters to all your needs. Embrace the future of beauty with mirrAR and unlock a world of possibilities, where confidence, creativity, and convenience converge harmoniously.

How Retail Industry is Embracing the Power of AR

The online retail behemoth Amazon has incorporated an AR feature to help customers virtually try on shoes before buying. Also, they have further integrated AR features such as ‘AR View’ and ‘Room Decorator’ which lets customers visualise how products would appear in their houses.  

Ikea, on the other hand, was also a pioneer in adopting AR to curtail their return incidents. They came up with an app called Ikea Place ARKit to provide users with a 3D view of a chosen furniture at the desired spot. 

As we are speaking about the beauty industry, it is important to note that L’Oreal also developed an AR feature called L’Oreal Style My Hair. This app lets you test out different hairstyles before getting a makeover. You can move your head to see how the new hairstyle looks on you in real-time. You can also share your look with friends to get their suggestions. And if you like a particular haircut, the app can help you find a nearby L‘Oreal Salon to get it done.

The adoption of AR features in the retail industry proves to be extremely beneficial at many levels. The overall return rate can be potentially reduced by 37%, whereas around 71% shoppers say that they are more likely to shop if they are being provided with an AR app.  

What Lies Ahead for Beauty World: A Bright Shade of Future

The future of the beauty industry looks promising. AR and AI are just the beginning of a broader technological revolution. We have barely scratched the tip of the iceberg. As technology continues to evolve, we can expect to see even more disruptive innovations.

Innovation is crucial to the growth of any business, and brands must ensure that they stay ahead of the curve by proactively and continuously rethinking about what the future of beauty looks like and what customers really want. An important aspect of this is the customer experience. It is no more about the pre-pandemic vs post-pandemic customer preferences; the rapid technological integration has taught us its preordained existence, which happened hastily due to pandemic, but it was bound to happen sooner or later. The way we define ‘beauty’ will be all blurred lines as consumers increasingly seek to break the rules. Not only females but all other genders will also participate in the future.

With revolutionary tech solutions such as mirrAR, brands get an upper hand to stay abreast with the customers’ needs and wants. AR is effectively bridging the gap between the brands and the customers, blending physical and digital — it cuts across the thick wall of confusion and delivers what needs to be delivered. 

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