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February 20, 2024

| 5 mins read

The New Big Thing: Web AR Trends in 2024 You Need to Know

 The New Big Thing: Web AR Trends in 2024 You Need to Know

In the ever-evolving world of tech, Augmented Reality (AR) Solutions is a game-changer, blurring the lines between the virtual and real. Over the years, it's moved beyond just gaming, and with web AR, it's reaching new heights of accessibility.

Now, anyone with a smartphone and internet connection can experience AR in web. But it's not just for fun and games; web-based AR is solving real-world problems too. Ready to explore the endless possibilities of web-based augmented reality? Let's dive in and uncover its myriad applications together. 

In 2021, web AR underwent some significant changes, especially in the realm of e-commerce. With global online sales skyrocketing to $4.9 trillion, the digital shopping landscape has never been more vibrant. And with the pandemic driving everyone online, retailers scrambled to enhance the virtual shopping experience. Enter web augmented reality.

Virtual try-on features, powered by web-based augmented reality, stole the show. Cosmetic brands led the way, leveraging this tool to skyrocket sales. And even in other categories such as eyewear, take Lenskart, for instance, you can virtually try on different types of eyewear with just a tap.

The perks of this web-based AR solution are plentiful. It boosts customer confidence, ensuring they know exactly how an item will look before hitting "buy." This not only enhances their shopping journey but also cuts down on returns. Plus, it's a game-changer for store conversion rates, giving businesses a leg up in the competitive arena.

Clothing and jewelry retailers have caught onto the trend of integrating web AR into their website allowing customers to virtually try on their products directly online, as seen with Candere.

Web augmented reality isn't just for shopping; it's transforming education too. Now, you can explore museums or observe 3D models of extinct animals right from your living room, simply by clicking a link or scanning a QR code. Check out the Google Art & Culture AR platform for a taste of what's possible. And let me tell you the Google AR platform is super cool, and so is its AI platform called Google Labs where you can check out things Google has been working towards. Check it out here

With web AR platform, the possibilities are endless. By seamlessly blending real-world objects with virtual elements like sound, video, and graphics, web-based augmented reality elevates online shopping, learning experiences, and advertising campaigns to a whole new level of immersion and engagement.

More and more brands are jumping on the web AR bandwagon, and the momentum shows no signs of slowing down. It's clear that augmented reality for the web is here to stay, poised to revolutionize countless industries in the years to come.

Web AR has a lot of different uses and possibilities in 2024.

Background Replacement

In today's digital landscape, web AR is all the rage, with features like background replacement leading the charge. Thanks to the surge in video calls and virtual meetings during the pandemic, augmented reality swiftly found its groove in this arena, offering practical solutions.

Hair Colouring

A game-changer for those seeking a fresh look. With just a tap, your hair can sport vibrant shades of blue or pink, with no salon appointment necessary.

3D Object Placement

This is another standout capability of web-based augmented reality that allows users to engage with lifelike models seamlessly. Whether it's for design projects or interactive experiences, this feature adds a whole new dimension to online interactions.

mirrAR’s web AR integration is the easiest way to add web augmented reality to your business with web AR and web SDK options. 

Face Filters

Popularized by social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, AR filters offers a variety of filters to augment one's look, from glamorous makeup to quirky masks.

Virtual try-on

A boon for cosmetics, fashion, and jewelry brands, web-based augmented reality allows users to virtually try on products by overlaying virtual elements onto real-world images. Also, you can enable multichannel experiences and a seamless transition between them for your global shoppers with mirrAR’s web AR integration. 

As AR technology continues to evolve, the possibilities for web AR are limitless, promising exciting new experiences and innovations for users everywhere.

AR Makeup Try On You Must Try

Lipstick Try On

Virtual Eyeliner Try On

Eyeshadow Try On

But there are some really cool trends that everyone is still looking forward to in 2024

Navigation Upgrade

When it comes to getting around, web AR steps up to the plate, offering solutions that go beyond traditional GPS. Say goodbye to getting lost, with web-based augmented reality you can access precise localization and detailed directions right on your smartphone's map. And with the recent launches of products like QUEST 3 and Apple Vision Pro, the future of AR in web is looking brighter and more exciting than ever!

The Metaverse 

It might seem like a distant dream, but companies are actively working on constructing the metaverse, one binary block at a time. The metaverse aims to provide an immersive 3D environment where users can freely interact, and gaming platforms like Fortnite, Epic Games, and Roblox are already making strides in this direction.

As this concept gains traction, web AR could emerge as the gateway to the metaverse, offering users a seamless entry into this virtual world and serving as a platform for creating engaging content.

The 5G Introduction

5G represents the latest evolution in mobile network technology, offering significant improvements over its predecessor, 4G. With the widespread adoption of 5G, augmented reality (AR) will become increasingly accessible, thanks to its high speed and reduced load times for web augmented reality games and other AR experiences.

Looking forward, web AR is ready to revolutionize various industries and redefine experiences. With its effortless accessibility, captivating capabilities, and boundless potential, web augmented reality is breaking down barriers between reality and imagination. From e-commerce to education, marketing to tourism, the opportunities for web AR are vast and promising. It is leading the charge in shaping the future of web AR and unlocking its full potential for society, businesses, and individuals alike. No longer confined to the gaming sector, web AR is sought after by businesses, educational platforms, and virtual event organizers to address practical challenges with augmented reality. With burgeoning technologies like Metaverse and 5G on the horizon, web augmented reality is set to flourish even more in 2024 and beyond.

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