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December 27, 2023

| 5 mins read

The Lens of Innovation: How Virtual Glasses Try-Ons Redefine Customer Experience

The Lens of Innovation: How Virtual Glasses Try-Ons Redefine Customer Experience

70% of online shopping returns are due to fitting or sizing issues. Shipping and delivery logistics become needlessly complicated due to such problems. Not only that, but customers also end up simply driving to the store to avoid the hassles associated with online shopping. What if we told you there was a single solution to both problems? Introducing: virtual glasses try-on shopping. What is the virtual try-on technology? Are they unnecessary expenses that could create more problems than solutions? We’ll break it all down for you in this comprehensive blog. 

When customers are in a physical store trying on a new pair of glasses, they can look at themselves in the mirror and decide if they fit in. Virtual glasses try-on brings the same experience - in the comfort of people’s homes! 

What is Virtual Glasses Try-On?

Virtual glasses try-on is an application that lets you try on different eyeglasses or sunglasses digitally. Using Augmented Reality platform, the tool overlays virtual glasses on your face in real time. Want to see how different frames will look on your face and not on some model or mannequin? The virtual try-on technology will help you do it with your own device! Without the need to physically try them on, you can browse through unlimited frames - in your house and at your pace! 

Here's How Virtual Glasses Try-On Works:

Customers can explore the glasses online, just like flipping through them in-store.

When you choose a pair you like, AR try-on takes over. The virtual try-on technology takes images of your face and creates a virtual version of you wearing those glasses. It feels like looking into a mirror on your screen. 

AI-Powered Pupillary Distance Measurement:

Now, this might sound a bit technical, but bear with us.

Binocular PD: This measures the distance between the centre of both the pupils. It ensures the glasses are positioned just right on your face.

Lenses to Camera Distance: This one calculates the distance from your pupil to the camera lens, making sure the size is just like how it would be in real life. These measurements are automatically adjusted to match the 3D images of the glasses, showing them to you in a realistic size. 

Impact Virtual Try-On Technology on Enhancing the Overall Customer Experience:

Virtual glasses try-on takes the guesswork out of online shopping. It lets your customers see how the glasses will look on their faces before they make their final choice.

For online eyewear shoppers, virtual glasses try-on gives an experience as close to in-store shopping as possible. No more surprises when the delivery arrives – you get exactly what you saw and liked on your screen. Virtual glasses try-on gives you the confidence to shop for glasses online, like in-store. 

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Benefits of the Virtual Eyeglass Try-Ons

Try on Eyewear Without Leaving Your House

Are your customers tired of travelling to stores? Virtual glasses try-on brings the stores to them! Walk them through an extensive frame selection. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to try on every frame in the store? Let's make it happen. 

From sophisticated aviators to classic round frames, virtual eyeglass try-on lets shoppers explore every single style - without getting off their couches!
Experimenting with colours and sizes is a breeze. The bold frames look good on the model - but will they look just as amazing on them? Put speculation to bed. Virtual glasses try-on lets customers play with different options, allowing them to make confident choices without making any commitment. 

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Confidence in Purchasing Decisions

Virtual glasses try-on provides an accurate preview of how glasses will sit on your customers’ faces, eliminating any guesswork or surprises upon delivery. AR try-on ensures that the frames shoppers finalise match perfectly with the idea they had in mind. Armed with a realistic preview, a virtual eyeglass try-on gets customers shopping like a pro. 

Convenience and Accessibility

Let your shoppers turn their homes into a dressing room with virtual try-on technology!

Why should customers worry about store hours and holidays? AR try-on is at their service 24/7, giving them the flexibility to experiment with different styles whenever they want.
Virtual glasses try-on brings the complete eyewear shopping experience directly to customers, leaving behind the unpleasant traffic and crowds. Plus, unlike in-store shopping, virtual try-on technology lets shoppers try new eyewear without needing to remove prescription glasses every time! 

Personal Shopper

AR try-ons, paired with AI algorithms, offer customers unlimited product recommendations. Does one of your customers like a frame but not enough? Here's a similar one that you're sure to love!

Like a personal shopper, leading-edge virtual try-on technology uses AI to detect browsing patterns and make studied recommendations. Are your customers tired of trying every random eyewear option on the extensive list? Are they looking for someone with taste to tell them which one will make them look stunning?

Then virtual eyeglass try-ons are customers’ new best friend! Are they confused between 2 or more options? The virtual try-on technology will help compare them side by side! 

Framing the Future

For brands to implement virtual try-on technology is a no-brainer. Consumers today look beyond the quality of products – brands with outstanding customer experience have noted almost 6 times more revenue generation.

For a trustworthy, hyper-realistic, and high-resolution virtual glasses try-on tool, we recommend checking out mirrAR – a top-rated AR try-on software featured in Forbes and chosen by leading retail enterprises, including Titan eyewear and more.

Not just eyewear but a plethora of virtual try-on solutions – MirrAR has the SDKs to help you develop platforms to empower your customers to enjoy trials at home!

Do you want to experience the digital magic yourself? Visit mirrAR right now!

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