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January 31, 2024

| 5 mins read

Swipe, Style, Slay: How Virtual Try-Ons are Making Fashion Tech-Savvy

Swipe, Style, Slay: How Virtual Try-Ons are Making Fashion Tech-Savvy

It’s a thing now to first check for clothes, jewelry, accessories, and more online. A lot of people do that first, then maybe go to a store and later finalize their purchase online. While many do not possess the time for the occasional visit to the mall, they have just developed the habit of shopping for their fashion requirements online. More than 2.14 billion individuals currently make online purchases, marking a substantial rise compared to a short while back. Considering the global population is 7.9 billion, this indicates that 27% of the current world populace engages in digital shopping. Getting to this number has meant a lot of work for brands and companies. The way we shop is changing, no doubt about it! As consumers keep switching things up, we're seeing some cool tech advancements that are totally in sync with what the younger crowd is into. One of the cool technologies is called the virtual try-on.

Introducing Virtual Try-On Technology

Alright, imagine this: your business could totally up its game with something as cool as the virtual try-on feature, especially when it comes to trying on the bling with try-on jewelry and throwing in some augmented reality for jewelry. What's the buzz about? Well, it lets customers try stuff out using their phones like a magic mirror. Your camera shows you on the screen, and this AR thing overlays the chosen products right onto your live reflection.

How Virtual Try-On Works: A Glimpse into the Future

Now, get this - it's not just for jewelry; you can test out glasses, hats, makeup, the whole shebang. It's like standing in front of a real mirror, but with a high-tech twist. Pretty cool, huh? Let me break it down for you:

  • Your picture gets snapped in real-time with your webcam or a pic you upload.
  • The program figures out where to slap on that virtual bling. Boom! Your chosen product gets overlaid onto your pic or video.
  • The AR gizmo adjusts for light, shadow, and all that jazz, making the product look real in your live feed.
  • Want options? Switch between different products, styles, and colors to see what suits you.
  • Move around, and check it out from different angles – it's like trying on stuff in real life, but way cooler. Gives you the full picture of how things look. Cool, right?

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The Revolutionary Impact of Virtual Try-On on Online Shopping

Virtual try-ons are gaining serious popularity in a bunch of different fields. What kicked off as a cool thing in the fashion world has now spread its wings to cover beauty, eyewear, furniture, home décor, jewelry, watches, and accessories. It's not just a passing trend; it's a revolution. And you know why? 'Cause tech wizards are bringing in the big guns – think augmented reality for jewelry, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), computer vision, 3D scanning, and body mapping. These fancy tools are turning the shopping game into a whole new level of immersive and personal.

It's not just about making customers happy; it's about making smart moves for the planet too. With this tech, retailers can cut down on return rates, making the whole retail scene more sustainable. 

Okay, but how are brands making use of virtual try-ons?

Walmart Inc. 

An excellent illustration of this phenomenon is exemplified by Walmart Inc. In March 2022, Walmart rolled out an advanced virtual try-on tool, showcasing its commitment to staying ahead in the game. This tool gives customers the cool ability to virtually try on clothes using a customized virtual model that matches their unique body type, hair color, and skin tone. The triumph of this initiative has played a pivotal role in propelling market expansion, specifically tackling widespread issues associated with online apparel shopping, like fit and suitability


Adidas is stepping up its game with a fresh virtual try-on addition to its iOS app. This feature is designed to assist shoppers in choosing the latest shoe styles without having to physically step into a store, all in a bid to enhance the overall customer experience.


Lenskart's innovative 3D Try On feature allows customers to try glasses online with the help of virtual face analysis and virtual try-on making it easier for buyers to discover frames perfect for their face without actually going to a store.  


Imagine this – you're eyeing L’Oréal's hot new products, and instead of just staring at them, you can play around with them using Augmented Reality (AR). Grab a special lens and boom! You can virtually apply makeup as you check yourself out through the camera. Swipe through different lipstick shades or eyeshadow palettes, and see them instantly on your live image. It's like having a makeup playground on your phone!

Marc Jacobs

They're using Snapchat, the cool kids' hub, to show off their stuff in a super fun way. With Snapchat's AR lenses, you can dive into a virtual world and interact with Marc Jacobs' fashion line. It's like trying on their gear without leaving your couch. Talk about shopping in style!


And then there's Nike, taking shoe shopping to a whole new level. They've jazzed up their shopping app with virtual try-on tech. Whip out your smartphone, aim the camera at your feet, and voila! You can virtually see how different Nike kicks look on you. Trying on a pair of Nike Air Zoom Pegasus? Spin them around, check them from all angles, and make sure they match your vibe before hitting that buy button. It's like having a personal shoe fitting, right on your phone. How cool is that?

The use of virtual try-on tech for everyday stuff is blowing up fast. Thanks to VR and AR, things are getting interesting, making user experiences way cooler. Companies are heavily investing in virtual shopping solutions, and the market will explode, all because folks like you and me are loving the tech vibes and changing how we shop.

Now, looking ahead to 2024 and beyond, your business needs to get on the virtual try-on train to keep up and impress the tech-savvy crowd. This tech isn't just a gimmick; it's the real deal. It's like giving your customers a sneak peek of what they're buying, making shopping way more fun and satisfying.

Throw in some AR magic, and you're not just selling stuff – you're collecting goldmine-level data on how your customers roll. That's key for tweaking your inventory and marketing game. Imagine that – not only reaching more folks but turning them into loyal fans who see your business as a tech-savvy trailblazer in the digital retail game. mirrAR offers a bunch of virtual try-on solutions and AR solutions to help you stay ahead of the curve. Take your business to the future with mirrAR today!

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