8th April, 2021 | 8 min read

A Seamless, New-Age Selling Experience

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With the ongoing pandemic, all doubts about the necessity of going digital have been silenced. Operating online is the best possible way to keep moving forward. The sudden chaos has made every business realise the importance of online sales. It has forced businesses to review their functioning and launch digital transformation and e-commerce strategies to keep running smoothly.

The pandemic has made a lot of stores shut down due to preventive lockdown measures or has limited the capacity of people due to social distancing. Hence, in order to meet their needs, consumers have started shopping online. The shift to digital is broad and deep, and engaging on online channels is something traditional retailers cannot ignore. The shift in consumption patterns such as buying online is here to stay long after the pandemic gets over and things become normal.

Physical-digital integration is important now, more than ever; One such solution to bridge this gap for jewellery retailers that will help them sell and run their business smoothly is, mirrAR! It is the world’s first real-time AR tech platform that allows shoppers to virtually try-on jewellery before making a purchase. This creates an engaging and personalised experience for all the customers. Using AR to drive online sales helps you to sell more and keep more revenue.

mirrAR’s website solution, WebAR for the web is innovative and industry-defining. It solves the age-old problem of not knowing what the actual product will look like or how the customer will feel post-purchase. So, the try-before-buy feature makes the customer feel more confident of what he is investing in, leading to increased conversions and lower returns. Integrating AR into your e-commerce website will help you tap into the power of a seamless online jewellery shopping experience for your new-age customers.

The integration is pretty seamless and smooth if your jewellery is digitized as per the mirrAR guidelines that will be provided. On integration, jewellers will witness increased online transactions and lower returns, which also increases the customer experience and builds trust. Jewellers will also get access to business insights through a simple dashboard to understand the customers and their preferences like never before!

Alternatively, you can extend the joy of experiential shopping easily through the mirrAR App. Do away with showing designs to your customers via WhatsApp and share a link with your customers which will let them experience a virtual try-on of your inventory on the go! With just one tap on that link, customers will be able to download the mirrAR AR jewellery App on their smartphones and ‘unlock’ your inventory. With the e-catalogue, the entire inventory will be available to your customers for them to virtually try-on. To provide an experience as close to the in-store one, ‘Studio mode’ allows the customers to view the intricacies and detailing in those pieces of jewellery by zooming in and out of the chosen designs. In case the customer wants to buy it for their friends and family, there is also an option for ‘Gallery mode’ where they can use a static image and see how it would look on others. mirrAR is trusted by some of the leading brands like Tanishq, Kalyan Jewellers, Forevermark, PCJ, and A.JAFFE.

Keep up with the changing consumer behaviour and offer your customers experiences that they enjoy, recommend, and act on. mirrAR helps you explore a whole world of new opportunities to engage with customers effectively and empower them in their decision-making choices. Delivering an exciting and personal experience to online shoppers can increase the customer lifetime value and help your brand move towards higher business sustainability. This is exactly what our products bring to your brick-and-mortar stores as well as the e-commerce business and will help you boost sales and engagement. So take a step forward towards the future and give your customers another chance to shop from you!

Get more information about mirrAR or write to us at mirrar@styledotme.com for more information.

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