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February 23, 2024

| 4 mins read

Power Up Your Business with the Top 10 Mobile AR SDKs

Power Up Your Business with the Top 10 Mobile AR SDKs

Augmented Reality App Development is revolutionizing how we engage with digital realms, adding a magical touch to our everyday experiences.

Whether you're a seasoned coder or a newbie, AR SDKs are your go-to arsenal for crafting custom AR apps. Empower your iOS/Android apps with immersive AR adventures using cutting-edge AR mobile app development tools.

Let’s together discover the top Augmented Reality Software Development Kits AR SDKs.  

But first, let's demystify AR SDKs. 

These kits equip developers with the magic needed to conjure captivating AR experiences, eliminating the need for coding from scratch.

With features like image tracking and 3D object placement, AR SDKs open a world of possibilities for crafting enchanting AR environments.

While some augmented reality SDKs are versatile across platforms, many are tailored for specific frameworks or devices—perfect for mobile, where SDKs like those for Android and iOS reign supreme.

When it comes to AR mobile app development, having the right Augmented Reality Software Development Kit (AR SDK) is crucial. Below are the key characteristics of a good SDK. 

Seamless Integration: A good SDK seamlessly integrates into projects.

Compatibility: Should work well with other development kits.

Performance: Lightweight to avoid slowing down devices.

Features: Offers powerful features to enhance app capabilities.

Value Addition: Adds substantial value by providing immersive AR experiences.

Documentation: Clear documentation guides developers through integration.

Accessibility: Should be intuitive for developers of all skill levels.

Community: Fosters a vibrant community of creators exploring AR possibilities.

Now that we've covered the perks of augmented reality SDKs for AR app development, let's dive into the top-rated options. 

Here are the cream of the crop, the Top 10 AR app development kits.  

1. Wikitude

Wikitude, a Qualcomm venture, leads the pack with its acclaimed AR solutions, trusted by big names like Accenture, Disney, and Nissan. This AR SDK is like a treasure map for AR adventures. It works on Smart Glasses, iOS, and Android, offering cool features like GeoAR for location-based fun and nifty recognition tricks. Plus, it's easy to try with a free trial. 

The kit boasts markerless 3D AR, Image and Object Tracking, Instant tracking (SLAM), and Geo AR, making it perfect for gaming and marketing apps.

2. Apple ARKit 

As expected, Apple's ARKit is the ultimate superhero of AR app development for iOS. It's packed with features like World Tracking, Real-Time Mapping, and Multiplayer fun. With Semantic Segmentation and Occlusion, it's like magic brought to life! 

Plus, at WWDC 2021, Apple unveiled ARKit 5 with even more features like Object Capture and Surface Realism, making AR adventures unbelievably epic. 

3. Snapchat Lens Studio

Snapchat Lens Studio is the go-to AR platform for Snapchatters. It's all about creating awesome AR lenses for social media, advertising, and fun. With a massive audience of 200M daily AR users and 250K creators, it's where the magic happens. 

4. mirrAR

Upgrade your brand’s mobile app with mirrAR’s AR mobile app development kit for the most powerful & on-point virtual try-on experiences. mirrAR's virtual try-on feature revolutionizes the augmented reality app development scene. It lets users try products within the brand's app, boosting confidence before purchase. This not only enhances the user experience but also boosts sales and reduces returns, a win-win for businesses.

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5. Orinix

Orinix, the dynamic AR SDK, ensures smooth sailing from start to finish, making AR mobile app development a breeze. Its cross-platform compatibility and comprehensive libraries make it a go-to choice for developers. 

Get seamless integration and explore features like image tracking, surface tracking, and spatial AR for captivating experiences.

Elevate Sales with Our

AR Integration

Web AR Platform

AR Social Media

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6. Meta Spark AR

Spark AR, Meta's vibrant AR app development kit, invites budding creators to dive into Instagram's world of effects. With engaging features like AR quizzes, hand and body tracking, and unique background replacement, it's a playground for creativity. Cherry on the cake, Meta's brewing up a mobile-friendly Spark AR Go lite version to unleash AR magic for all.

7. PTC Vuforia

Dive into the world of augmented reality with Vuforia, a powerhouse for enterprise and manufacturing AR apps. Unleash its feature-packed developer’s kit, boasting powerful Object Recognition, Image Recognition, and Plane detection. Explore the latest updates, including Area Targets and Simulation mode, making AR app development easier then ever. 

8. Pikkart AR SDK 

Check out Pikkart AR SDK, with its latest 3.5.8 version, this lightweight and user-friendly augmented reality SDK brings your wildest ideas to life. You can seamlessly integrate geo-augmented markers, AR logos, and planar markers for an immersive experience like never before.

From creating captivating AR experiences using image recognition to unleashing your creativity with Xamarin, Unity 3D, and more, Pikkart AR SDK offers endless possibilities. 

9. 8th Wall 

8th Wall is one of the go-to Web AR platforms, offering World Effects, Image Targets, and AR Face Effects.

Their No-Code Cloud Editor and Code Cloud Editor streamline Web AR development. At the same time, the Reality Engine automatically tailors experiences for different devices, ensuring seamless interaction across smartphones, tablets, and AR/VR/MR headsets.

10. MAXST 

MAXST is your ultimate companion in the realm of AR app development, relied upon by a diverse community of over 10,000 developers globally. Whether you're venturing into augmented reality app development for gaming, retail, education, or industrial applications, MAXST's versatile 2D and 3D SDKs have got you covered.

Still on the hunt for the perfect fit? mirrAR may be the perfect solution. 

Integrate mirrAR’s AR SDK and level up your app with an on-demand customized AR mobile SDK where customers can try products on the go!

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