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January 25, 2024

| 5 mins read

Next Chapter in Beauty: AI Makeup Consultation Beyond Virtual Try-Ons

Next Chapter in Beauty: AI Makeup Consultation Beyond Virtual Try-Ons

The cosmetic & beauty industry has undergone a tremendous transformation with the rise of augmented reality (AR) try-ons, revolutionizing how people shop for makeup products online. The virtual try-on (VTO) technology provides customers with immersive buying experiences as if they are testing beauty formulations in real.

While AR try-ons have made significant headways by delivering lifelike visuals of makeup products on shoppers’ faces, the quest for exceptional value has paved the way for leading-edge AI makeup consultations. This breakthrough leap stems from a fusion of beauty expertise and artificial intelligence (AI), offering users tailored recommendations, personalized tutorials, and comprehensive advice on skincare routines.

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Evolution of Virtual Try-Ons

Initial virtual try-ons were basic applications that overlayed virtual makeup products onto customers’ selfies or live camera feeds using AR. These early tools primarily focused on color matching and placement, letting customers virtually experiment with multiple shades of eyeshadows, lipsticks, and other cosmetics. While elementary, these applications set the stage for the more sophisticated and intelligent AR beauty try-ons that would emerge over the years.

Despite the early excitement, virtual try-ons still faced limitations. For starters, they could not accurately simulate real-world applications as device displays varied, and lighting conditions distorted the appearance of makeup shades. Additionally, the inability to replicate textures and finishes posed a hurdle, leaving shoppers uncertain about the actual feel and look of the products. Further, AR beauty try-ons struggled to provide personalized recommendations based on individual facial features, skin tones, and preferences.

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The rise of AI Makeup Consultation

As beauty brands sought more immersive and accurate solutions, these limitations of AR try-ons triggered AI integration into digital makeup tools for a more refined and personalized virtual beauty experience.

Powered by machine learning (ML) and computer vision, AI makeup consultations offer customers a comprehensive and personalized beauty experience. They go beyond basic color matching, incorporating facial recognition, skin analysis, and product recommendations based on user preferences and skin types.

A simple selfie and interactive questionnaire determine users’ beauty goals. Then, the beauty AI consultant analyzes their complexion and lists recommended products that best suit their needs.

"Your complexion is ivory.”

“Your undertone is warm.”

“Your facial shape is oval.”

Concludes the software after examining a selfie. This technology evolves with user interactions, learning preferences, and adapting to changing beauty trends.

Benefits of AI Makeup Consultations

Here are some key benefits of beauty AI software:

Personalized Recommendations

AI makeup consultants analyze shoppers’ skin conditions, facial features, and preferences to suggest makeup looks and formulations tailored specifically for them.

These AI-enabled tools consider factors such as age, skin type, and environmental influences to recommend suitable makeup shades or skincare products that match customers’ needs. Think water-resistant mascara, hydrating foundation, and lip stain for a flawless look all day. This level of personalization boosts customer satisfaction and increases the odds of repeat purchases.

Bigger Shopping Carts

The personalized recommendations from AI makeup consultations considerably impact conversion rates. By offering tailored product suggestions to customers, the beauty advisor experience instills confidence in shoppers while making a purchase. This significantly improves conversion rates complementing to what traditional virtual try-ons offer.

Moreover, AI makeup advisors help increase the average basket size and average order value (AOV). As shoppers explore a plethora of beauty products catering to their unique tastes, they will most likely discover complementary items. As such, they can complete their makeup routine in a single, seamless shopping session.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Customers can access AI makeup consultations through mobile apps and websites, reducing the time spent visiting a physical cosmetic store or making an appointment.

Shoppers need to enable the camera on their web-browsing device. Then, they can access the digital beauty advisor and virtually try on the recommended makeup looks - all within a few seconds.

Whether customers are on the go or chilling at home, activating the digital makeup consultant is tremendously easy— just tap a few buttons on their smartphones.

A Better Understanding of Customers

AI is only as good as the data it gets. Combined with excellent tracking systems, you can leverage AI makeup advisors to analyze trends, deep-dive into insights, and share recommendations to better understand and serve your customers.

Imagine the possibilities. Beauty AI tools can run through massive data chunks and scan for style preferences, hair length, and treatments. They can then provide customers with a long list of personalized product recommendations using all the information.

Even more, AI makeup advisors help you keep pace with ongoing trends for each customer. You can check who is searching for what, predict inventory based on their routine needs, and peek into each customer’s personality.

Faster Query Resolution

AI-driven chatbots! Yes, you have used them a million times while engaging with other brands, but do you know they can benefit yours as well? Think of how many calls, messages, and emails you receive daily for basic beauty-related questions that make up all your FAQs.

AI-powered chatbots answer these questions for you round-the-clock, eliminating the minutes you spend throughout the day handling the same questions repeatedly. They leverage ML algorithms and natural language processing (NLP) to understand customer queries and promptly deliver accurate and relevant responses.

Reduced Production Waste

Sustainability is a pressing concern in the beauty industry, and AI makeup advisors are playing a crucial role in tackling this issue. Through accurate, personalized recommendations, customers can pick the desired cosmetic product before making a purchase. As such, the likelihood of shoppers purchasing products that may not suit their preferences or skin tones reduces.

By examining sales data and demand patterns, beauty AI tools help cosmetic brands optimize their production processes, developing in-demand makeup items. This results in more efficient product allocation and reduced ecological burden.

The Beauty of Tomorrow is "Alive and Well"

As a beauty brand, you have long understood the power of personalization. AI makeup consultations are the ultimate ally for forward-thinking beauty brands looking to rewrite the rules of customer engagement. They recommend personalized product palettes, suggest application techniques, and even offer subtle virtual modifications.

As beauty AI tools learn and adapt to customers’ preferences, facial features, and skincare needs, digital makeup consultations are becoming more than just AR try-ons—they have become trusted beauty advisors.

While tech-enabled advancements have driven at-home beauty tech over the years, the future holds limitless possibilities with AI ruling the cosmetic & beauty business.

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