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December 26, 2023

| 5 mins read

Fitting In: Boosting Brand Loyalty Using Virtual Try-On Technology

Fitting In: Boosting Brand Loyalty Using Virtual Try-On Technology

200% - That’s the effect augmented reality platform has on a brand’s engagement compared to their non-AR equivalent competitors. In this highly competitive market, you need to provide more than just amazing products – you need to deliver amazing consumer experiences. In fact, 6 out of 10 retail consumers today prefer brands that offer shopping experiences with fun AR elements like a virtual try-on. 

This blog offers a detailed understanding of virtual try-on solutions, their benefits, and the industries they serve.  

Understanding Virtual Try-On Technology

What is Virtual Try-On Technology?

It is the technology that is revolutionising online shopping. Let’s begin with the basics.

AR try-on overlays virtual elements onto the real world. Virtual try-on uses AR, allowing customers to interact with products in a virtual try-on before purchasing them.

With the help of a virtual try-on app, online shoppers can scratch their itch to “try on” a product. Essentially, this new feature helps solve a critical problem that e-commerce is grappling with: Consumers like to know what a product looks like on them and not just the model on their screens. Will that t-shirt fit them like they want it to? Will those earrings look too big? Will that dress be too short?

Questions like these plague real-world shoppers and most brands lose out on high-potential conversions because they have, for so long, failed to address them effectively.

Solution? Consumers can shop from the same brands online, but without getting out of their houses, use virtual try-on solutions to see how any product will look on them. 

Benefits of AR Try-On

Enhanced Shopping Experience

Online consumers are left feeling powerless today - they are forced to look at a product on a model or against a false backdrop and mentally picture how it would look on them.
They deserve better.
Virtual try-on technology offers customers a unique edge over traditional online shopping. By using a virtual-try app, shoppers can experiment with products, such as jewelry, beauty items, eyewear, and fashion accessories, in a virtual way. This gives them a sense of control and power, which regular shopping dramatically lacks. 

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Increased Confidence in Purchasing Decisions

The ability to try before buying is what sells in-store shopping, despite the many inconveniences it poses. But now, when customers can see how a product looks on them in real-time through AR try-on, their confidence in making that purchase online increases significantly. The virtual try-on technology eliminates guesswork, allowing users to make informed decisions about fit, size, and pattern, ultimately driving up conversion rates by up to 160%. 

Reduction of Returns and Exchanges

Virtual try-on experiences are observed to reduce the likelihood of returns by a whopping 37%. By providing customers with a crystal-clear view of what they are purchasing, the technology instils confidence, leading to greater satisfaction and lower return rates. This not only benefits customers but also streamlines the operational efficiency of retailers. 

Realistic Product Representation

AR in retail offers realistic product representation. Accurate sizing and fit visualisation, coupled with high-quality 3D modelling, give customers an excellent 360-degree look at the product. Showing products in various contexts, such as lighting or backdrops, helps shoppers make more informed decisions. 


Virtual try-on goes beyond simple visualisation; it offers the kind of personalised experience that in-store shopping often does. Tailoring product options to individual preferences, allowing real-time adjustments, and creating a sense of ownership through customisation build a solid emotional connection between the customer and the brand. 

Interactive User Experience

The success of virtual try-on technology stems from the interactive nature of its user experience. Unlike traditional online shopping, which is cold and faceless, virtual try-on has interfaces designed to be user-friendly, with elements of gamification to boost engagement. This makes the virtual try-on app shareable. This helps make them a massive hit on social media, turning customers into brand advocates. This user-generated content serves as an excellent marketing technique because when customers hear testimonials from their co-consumers, they’re more likely to complete the purchase. 

Virtual Try-On User Adoption Strategies

Educating Customers about Virtual Try-On

Getting the hang of new technology can be the obstacle that turns valuable customers away. Many people might feel intimated or overwhelmed when faced with the latest virtual try-on technology.

Despite the hype and the potential to revolutionise their shopping, they might not even give AR try-on a go. As a brand that treats each conversion with equal importance, it's crucial to understand the value of educating your consumers – in a way that makes them want to listen.

Brands can use different ways to reach their audience, like blog posts, videos, and webinars. Showing how virtual try-on solutions work and discussing the benefits will help shoppers understand and enjoy this feature-packed shopping experience.

Marketing Campaigns to Promote Awareness

Consumers won't try new things just because you tell them to; they aren't here to do you a favour. They want to know what's in it for them.

A good marketing campaign will let potential users know that virtual try-on exists and all the different ways in which it will help them. Using relevant and engaging content to generate awareness is crucial.

Making virtual try-on a part of your brand story makes it irresistible for users to jump in and give it a go. 

Providing Incentives for Trying Out Virtual Try-On Technology

People love incentives. Offering tangible benefits for trying out virtual try-ons can significantly boost user adoption. These incentives could range from exclusive discounts on products selected through the technology to early access to new collections or even loyalty program points.

By attaching commercial value to the virtual try-on experience, brands motivate users to take that extra step and immerse themselves in this innovative way of shopping.

This not only enhances the shopping experience but also creates a sense of reward, making users more likely to adopt and integrate virtual try-ons into their regular online shopping routine.

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Future-proofing Loyalty

You might be a brand doing everything right when it comes to making the perfect product. But if you don’t market it right, how will your consumer base ever find out what they’re missing out on?
Get marketing right.

Virtual try-on is the marketing edge you’ve been looking for. MirrAR is one of the world’s leading virtual try-on apps, offering an AR try-on experience that is flawless in every aspect. From an intuitive user interface to high-resolution 3D imagery, MirrAR can help you take your shopping experience to another level. 

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