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December 22, 2023

| 5 mins read

Effortless Elegance: The Easiest Way to Set Up Jewelry Virtual Try-On Integration

Effortless Elegance: The Easiest Way to Set Up Jewelry Virtual Try-On Integration

7 out of 10 Millennial consumers prefer online shopping to in-store. Naturally, bridging the gap between the digital and physical shopping experience then becomes crucial. Technology is a brand’s best friend – and features like virtual try-ons are transforming the online shopping experience. 

Virtual try-on technology uses augmented reality (AR) integration to create a realistic and immersive try-on solution for users. Virtual try-ons allow customers to picture how different jewellery pieces would look on them – with only the click of a button.

With the help of AR try-on, users can experience virtual try-on jewellery through any device with a camera. The AR integration superimposes digital representations of jewellery onto real-time video or images. 

Why Jewellery Brands Need Virtual Try-Ons

Most people like the in-store shopping experience because they get to try the products and decide how they look on them instead of gauging from a mannequin and asking their friends and family for their opinions before finally settling on an item.

Here’s the problem with online shopping: Not only do consumers miss out on seeing what a particular item would look like on them, but they also miss out on the experience of getting feedback. Consumers cannot show their friends and family what they look like donning that item, making guesswork tricky and online shopping an inconvenience.

Enter virtual try-ons.

Implementing high-quality try-on solutions has several benefits. Not only does it provide increased customer satisfaction, but try-on solutions have also recorded a noteworthy reduction in return rates. Virtual try-ons offer a competitive edge by making the overall shopping experience a lot more fun and interactive. 

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Understanding Virtual Try-On Technology

How Virtual Try-Ons Work

  • AR try-on makes virtual jewelry try-on possible.
  • It operates on any camera-equipped device.
  • AR integration overlays digital jewellery representations on real-time video or images.
  • Virtual try-on jewellery allows customers to visualise the appearance without the need for physical wear. 

Types of Virtual Try-On Solutions 

In-Store Virtual Try-On

In-store virtual try-on solutions involve dedicated kiosks or devices within physical retail locations. Shoppers can use these tools to virtually try on jewellery, allowing them to visualise products in real time. In-store virtual try-ons enhance the traditional shopping experience, combining the benefits of physical presence with the convenience of digital interaction. 


web based ar brings virtual try-on experiences directly to consumers through web browsers, eliminating the need for app downloads. Users can access AR features on their devices, such as smartphones or tablets, by simply visiting a website. WebAR offers a user-friendly and accessible way for customers to try on jewellery without the barriers of app installations.

SDK Integration

Software Development Kits (SDK) enable jewellery brands to integrate virtual try-on capabilities directly into their existing mobile applications or websites. This approach provides a more customised and branded experience. By leveraging SDKs, brands have greater control over the user interface (UI), user experience (UX), and the overall integration of virtual try-on features within their digital platforms. 

Social AR Experiences

Social AR involves the integration of virtual try-on features into social media platforms. Users can engage with jewellery virtually through interactive filters and effects. Brands leverage the social aspect of platforms like Instagram or Snapchat, allowing users to share their virtual try-on experiences with their social networks. Social AR enhances brand visibility and engages users within the context of their preferred social channels. 

Importance of Realism in Virtual Jewellery Try-On

What is the use of having try-on solutions that don’t seem real? The whole point of having virtual try-ons is to provide an experience that mirrors real-life shopping.

If in-store shopping is to be replaced, consumers need virtual try-on technology that offers high-quality try-on solutions.

What that means for consumers of the virtual try-ons:

  • High-resolution 3D models capture intricate details, mirroring physical jewellery inspection.
  • With the help of a high-resolution jewellery try-on solution, customers can carefully examine the minutest details, including craftsmanship, gemstones, and design elements. 

How to Choose the Right Jewellery Try-On Solution

Factors to Consider When Selecting Try-On Solutions:

  • Selecting the right AR try-on tool is pivotal for jewellery brands.
  • Does the virtual try-on technology blend well with consumer devices?
  • Is the virtual try-on technology easy to use?
  • Does the jewellery try-on solution offer high-resolution images that keep the realism aspect alive?
  • Does the AR integration face any compatibility issues? 

MirrAR stands out by providing an intuitive, user-friendly interface, seamless integration options, and compatibility with various platforms. It offers versatile and feature-rich try-on solutions. Competitive analysis reveals that MirrAR performs exceptionally well when it comes to delivering highly satisfactory virtual jewellery try-on experiences. 

Customisation Options in Virtual Try-On Technology

Good virtual try-on technology understands that each jewellery brand is unique. Try-on solutions have a plethora of customisation options. This allows brands to tailor virtual try-ons to align with their specific aesthetic and branding requirements.

Preparing Your Jewellery for Virtual Try-Ons

What is Meant by Jewellery Prep When It Comes to Virtual Try-On Technology?

Jewellery preparation in AR integration is nothing but taking high-quality images and videos of your jewellery. Jewellery brands must capture detailed and well-lit images of the jewellery pieces for which they need try-on solutions.

Need for Jewellery Prep in Virtual Try-Ons

The images and videos taken by brands will be used to create 3D models of the virtual try-on jewellery. If the photos are low-resolution, it naturally affects the quality of the virtual jewellery try-on. 

Requirements For the Jewellery Prep from the Brand's Side

While the virtual try-on technology provides the perfect online shopping for consumers, there are certain requirements that a brand should fulfil. 

Well-Photographed Inventory                         

To produce precise 3D models and realistic virtual try-ons, the company needs a well-photographed inventory with high-resolution photographs. Access to both 2D and 3D files is crucial for more immersive virtual try-ons. 

In-Store Availability

Availability of the jewellery pieces in physical stores, exhibitions, or event spaces provides a dual presence. This broadens the brand’s horizons, catering to both virtual and physical shoppers. In-store availability makes the traditional shopping experience more enjoyable as it allows customers to physically interact with the jewellery they have experienced with virtual try-ons.

Designated Points of Contact (POCs)

Brands should have designated Points of Contact (POCs) to oversee AR integration. This ensures efficient implementation of virtual try-on technology. It also helps maximise the benefits and address any issues rapidly.

The Role of Virtual Try-On Technology in AR Integration

Virtual try-on technology converts stock-keeping units (SKUs) into 3D representations. The process needs to ensure that each jewelry piece's physical characteristics are kept intact.

The AR try-on 3D models undergo a thorough evaluation. Attention to detail ensures that the AR integration does not alter the representation of metals, stones, and diamonds of the actual jewellery. This precision gives customers a true-to-life jewellery try-on solution. 

Enhancing Virtual Jewellery Try-On User Experience

Jewellery Try-On Solution with Intuitive User Interface

When a new technology already presents itself as enough of a challenge, users shouldn’t be subjected to a complex user interface. The virtual try-on technology should work smartly, reading the user’s mind and assisting silently.

That is what an intuitive user interface does.

Try-on solutions should ideally come with a user interface that does all the heavy lifting, leaving the consumer with one job alone: Enjoying the virtual jewellery try-on shopping experience and selecting the perfect piece that creates lasting happiness. 

Mobile Compatibility in Virtual Try-On Technology

How frustrating is it when apps malfunction on specific devices but seem to work perfectly on others? Don’t subject jewellery shoppers to that – make sure your virtual try-on technology has functional mobile compatibility across all operating systems. 

Wrapping Up

The problem with online shopping is that it lacks the tactile feel of wearing jewellery. That's where AR try-on helps. It's not about just looking – it's about interacting.

Jewellery retailers have long banked on in-person try-ons to sell pieces, but virtual try-ons have emerged as potent tools for them.

Letting shoppers view how a jewellery design looks on them before sending it to the cash counter helps you improve customer experience and eventually boost sales.

If you want a seamless and efficient way to embrace the future of customer engagement, the pathway to successful virtual try-on integration lies in simplicity and strategic implementation.

Moreover, as customer engagement through AR product experiences surges by 2X more than the non-AR equivalents, the benefits of deploying AR integration in your jewellery store is something you cannot afford to ignore.

Need a reliable jewellery try-on solution for your brand? Contact MirrAR today!

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