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January 9, 2024

| 5 mins read

Beauty Beyond Boundaries: 6 Empowering Ways AR Try-ons Enable Inclusivity

Beauty Beyond Boundaries: 6 Empowering Ways AR Try-ons Enable Inclusivity

In the ever-evolving beauty industry, technology has come into view as a power player, challenging its conventional methods by offering a transformative experience that goes beyond superficial beauty standards and conventional norms. Augmented Reality (AR) try-ons are spearheading this revolution, facilitating the beginning of an era of inclusivity and diversity. It’s about time that the beauty industry cast aside its one-size-fits-all approach and catered to the needs of diverse skin tones, face structure, abilities, and gender expressions. Enter Augmented Reality (AR) try-ons, a revolutionary advancement with the potential to change the very nature of consumer interaction with beauty products, redefining set beauty standards, and making beauty more accessible and inviting to everyone.

Gone are the days of confusion and uncertainty while selecting a foundation shade, a blush, or lipstick color, doubting and questioning whether it will go with your skin tone and if the eyeshadow palette you are drooling over will actually let you express yourself the way you want, or if a hairstyle would suit your face shape. No longer confined to choosing between the “safe options”, Augmented Reality (AR) try-ons enable consumers to explore and find products that are tailored to their preferences and resonate with them. This virtual experience not only saves time but allows consumers to choose what’s best for them from the comfort of their homes or in-store without swatching everything on their wrists and hoping for the best

In Tune With Skin Tones:

The long-standing complaint with the beauty industry is about its inability to provide an extensive spectrum of shades for darker skin tones. The products were always advertised on lighter skin tones, leaving individuals with darker skin tones in doubt and confusion about whether the product would suit their complexion. Products look different on different skin tones, and one would only realize this after buying a product based on how it looked on the model who had a different complexion, making them regret the purchase.

The AR try-ons address this chasm by allowing users to virtual try on products, explore, and find the ones that make them feel in their element.

Brands embracing this diversity through their AR try-on experiences not only make users feel heard and empowered but also send an ardent message across the beauty industry to drop the conventional norms.

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Diminish the Disparity for Different Abilities:

AR try-ons break the barriers of traditional beauty shopping, by enabling everyone to engage in the activity of self-expression and self-exploration virtually. The user-friendly interfaces of these AR try-ons have made beauty accessible to individuals with different abilities like those with motor disabilities and vision impairments. With the help of AR try-ons, anyone can navigate and explore beauty products with ease, without having to roam around the shop in search of their favorite product.  

Hacking Hairstyles:

It is no secret that we all look to a change in hairstyle for confidence. Feeling extremely happy? Sad? Angry? “New hair, new me!” is often a solution. Thanks to AR try-ons, no more of the infamous “Should I? Should I not?” with hairstyles. AR try-ons allow users to virtually experiment with their hair length, style, and color and go on a journey of self-exploration.

AR applications bring forth a platform that enables users to visualize how a particular style would work with specific hair types. Especially for people with textured hair, who don’t always have a lot of options provided by the industry, AR try-ons are a total savior.

Customization for Different Face Shapes and Textures:

Different face shapes often benefit from different makeup techniques. Users can play around with different techniques and shades until they find a perfect match that complements their facial features. Users can explore makeup styles and looks that enhance their natural features.

The realistic texture simulations particularly help individuals with varying skin textures ensuring that the products chosen look natural and harmonize with their unique skin types. Users can explore and celebrate their unique facial structures, embracing the beauty that aligns with their individuality.

Crossing Over Conventional Gender Norms:

Traditionally beauty products have been categorised strictly along gender lines, based on societal expectations. AR try on software are breaking the walls of gender norms around beauty and makeup by allowing users to experiment with makeup and skincare products in a judgment-free environment, without any apprehension. With AR technology, users can explore a diverse range of products without being confined by predefined gender rules.

This freedom allows consumers to express themselves and be confident in their skin, challenging deep-rooted stereotypical practices in our society, and promoting and fostering a more inclusive environment for individuals of all gender expressions.

The Making of a New Marketing Campaign:

Along with providing an all-embracing virtual experience, AR try-ons have inspired a more inclusive marketing campaign. The democratization of beauty through virtual platforms challenges the status quo, prompting a re-evaluation of marketing strategies, product formulations, and representation. Beauty brands are recognizing the importance of a more inclusive, authentic, and raw representation, which feels relatable to people of all backgrounds and abilities. Consumers are favoring brands that celebrate diversity and inclusivity. Inclusive marketing campaigns that showcase diverse models are gaining more traction.

AR try-ons provide a platform for brands to align with these values, and help foster a positive brand image, resonating with a broader and diverse customer base.

In conclusion, AR technology has made it possible to overcome all limitations of the traditional beauty standards and the conventional norms, making way for the era of Beauty Beyond Boundaries, making beauty a party invitation to all!

In the expansive realm of beauty, AR Try-Ons emerge as architects of a narrative that champions diversity, empowers individuals, and mirrors the nuanced hues of humanity.

The influence of AR Try-Ons ripples into the broader context of industries, instigating a paradigm shift in societal perceptions. The ongoing voyage toward inclusivity charts a dynamic course, and AR Try-Ons stand as beacons guiding us toward a future where the beauty landscape embraces and amplifies the unique essence of each individual, fostering a sense of belonging for all.

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