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Deliver your customers a unique try-before-you-buy experience.
Empower your business with a new-age try-on jewelry solution

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Prepare for tomorrow, today.

mirrAR is one of the fastest emerging Augmented Reality tech platforms, enabling jewellery business owners with cutting-edge solutions to effectively adopt better practices and adapt to the changing world. Our virtual try on or VTO jewelry solutions are robustly built to provide customers a virtual try-before-you-buy experience.

Integrate our virtual try on solutions into your sales and marketing channels and redefine shopping for your customers with added comfort, convenience, and assurance of what they are buying.

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Benefits of Virtual Try On

Step into ‘tomorrow’ and explore a whole new world of business possibilities.

Higher Engagements

Being dynamic in your sales strategy is the new mantra for success now. VTO jewelry solutions add that dynamism to your sales channel by boosting the engagement between customers and your brand.

Personalised Experience

Customers now buy experience, not products. The modern AR-based try on jewelry solutions deliver big in experience, adding layers of care and personalization to the mix.

Enhanced Conversions

Better engagement and a higher level of personalization can improve your conversion rate and ROI, taking your sales numbers and revenue to the next level.

Low Return Rates

It happens that customers didn’t like what they purchase, resulting in a high return rate for the business. Address this issue with virtual try on solutions to provide customers a greater assurance of the product and how that product will look on them.

Competitive Edge

Don’t stay a part of the crowd. Outdo competitors, stand out, and scale quicker. Adoption of cutting-edge technologies automatically positions you ahead of the competition.

Boost Brand Identity

Build a brand name that people recognize, take an interest in, and trust. Big jewelry brands have boosted their brand identity through new-age VTO jewelry solutions, and so can (and should) you.

How do Virtual Try On Solutions Work?

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mirrAR’s Virtual Try-On Solutions: What We Offer?


Compatible with Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, BigCommerce, and other big names, seamlessly integrate our virtual try-on solutions into your online store and allow customers to virtually try on your jewelry pieces.

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Modernize your brick-and-mortar store. With our VTO jewelry, provide visitors at the store to try your virtual products on installed iPads. Deliver them a hands-free (and convenient) experience.

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Make the right noise at every exhibition you show up at. With your digitized inventory and a virtual try-on experience to customers, be at the center of the spotlight, winning hearts and building a brand.

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Gaurav Midha
Senior Manager Marketing - Tanishq

The need of the hour is that jewellers cater to consumers via the digital space. That's where mirrAR steps in; Through AR/VR techniques, our consumers feel how a jewellery piece looks on them from the comfort of their homes. Implementation of this feature powered by mirrAR, made online purchases more convenient for our customers. As a result, the returns of our online orders have reduced by 20% in the past year.

Suvankar Sen
CEO - Senco Gold & Diamonds

We would like to appreciate the experience of the Virtual Try-on facility with MirrAR. It’s a delightful immersive technology in business as well as a delight for our customers. We acknowledge this spirit and have faith, that we will be able to guide a digital experience to our worldwide customers in the future.

Balram Garg
Managing Director - PC Jeweller

We have started with Delhi-NCR and will soon be introducing AR platform to other locations as well. Our objective is to create more such experiences at malls, movie theatres, airports and other public places to take the brand beyond stores and reach out to customers in the near future.

Siddharth Rupchand Sawansukha
Mangaging Director Sawansukha Jewellers

We initially started with the trial — the freemium version — of Mirrar. The team integrated the platform on our website. After reviewing traffic and the consumer engagement for a month, we decided to continue with MirrAR. We got our license and the whole process has been hassle free. Their team has been working with ours effortlessly and assisting us in every possible way. We are happy to have moved from the trial version to the full subscription model with MirrAR.




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Virtual Try-Ons Every Month

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