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The omnichannel  tool everyone is raving about:
mirrAR for Business

We, at StyleDotMe, have created a platform specifically to bring the Jewellery Ecosystem closer. Safely share your entire catalogue with multiple retailers & interact with them to see your business & top line growth swiftly!

Pain Points

Inventory Management

Retailer Management
Safety & Security
Can we Help?




How ?
mirrAR works on digitised versions of inventory that you can access & control from anywhere & anytime.
Stay connected via our chat integrations & stay updates about every retailers activity concerning your inventory.
We have multiple features such as disabling screenshots & adding expiry dates to links that make your transactions safe.

Features & Benefits

Digital Inventory
Access on the go
Safe & Secure
Chat Integration
Smoother Operations
Better Decision Making
100% Control
Increased Productivity
Support Functions

Your Security, Our Top Priority.

Expiry Date

Links can be created with a specified date and time,after which it would become invalid for the user

Secure Mode

Secure mode disables screenshots, re-sharingof jewellery items and saving of pictures

Phone Number

Adding a phone number restricts the link toonly that specified phone number

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