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Virtual Watch Showroom?

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Watch Enthusiasts, here we come!

Via our technology, we're bringing realistic virtual watch try ons, straight to mobiles now.
Our Watch AR SDK fits in well with brands that want to provide an elevated customer experience.

Engage customers with watch AR experiences

Increase sales & profits exponentially

Get access to customer insights

No extra effort from the consumers end required

Give customers the experience of 'try-before-buy'

Connect with customers outside your retail store

Why Pick mirrAR to Boost your Business?


Our AR Watch SDK includes features that cover everything your users need for the next-generation shoping experience.


You can pick and choose the mirrAR package that suits you and your business needs. The package, customizable & the try-ons, seamless!


Our technology is so powerful that it has the strength to capture & grow the AR enabled virtual try-on sphere like never before!

Omni Channel

The core technologies like the markerless hand tracking are optimized for mobile to deliver quality performance on all devices.


Zero efforts from the consumer are needed. Once they get their hand in front of the camera, the automatic recognition places the watch.


We're constantly adding new features to keep your users engaged & happy with the virtual try-on feature that the brand will provide to them!

3 Steps to a World Class In-Store Experience

Digitised Inventory

We will photograph & edit your inventory to digitise it per mirrAR specifications to enable seamless try-ons.

mirrAR Integration

We will integrate mirrAR on your mobile app or on your website through which customers can try-on products.

You're all set

Congratulations, you're all set to provide an enhanced virtual try-on experience to your customers.

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