Omnichannel AR
for Accelerated Growth

Leverage our multiple AR-focused products to scale
your retail business across platforms. 

Leverage our multiple AR-focused products to scale your retail business across platforms. 

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Deliver An Excellent
AR Experience

Whether you sell your products online or have a physical store, create an impact everywhere you are. Our omnichannel solution positions your brand strongly across platforms, bridging the online-offline gap, enabling your sales and business growth.

Web browser, mobile app, physical store, and social media – whichever medium your customers love, provide them with the best omnichannel augmented reality experience through our suite of products. Simply integrate our offerings into your preferred channel and redefine the way your customers shop. Provide a one-of-a-kind AR-driven try-before-you-buy experience & scale your sales to newer heights.

Our Omnichannel Products


Modernize web shopping for your customers. Integrate our WebAR solution into your website and allow customers to virtually try on all your products right through their browser.

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Endless Aisle

Add an AR-edge to your physical store. Enable store visitors to browse through your infinite collection from across stores and turn more footfalls into customers.

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Allow users to try on your products via social media filters. Users on Facebook and Instagram can natively try-on your inventory via AR filters and place an order with just a swipe.

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Generate custom links to your digitized inventory and share them with your consumers. Let them enjoy a seamless virtual try-on experience that's tailored to their preferences from anywhere & everywhere.

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Why pick our Omnichannel Solution

Most of the leading retail brands are using mirrAR to provide customers with the best omnichannel augmented reality experience. Here's why you should follow suit:
Reduce Friction

Don't push people to be on your preferred platform. Instead, be where they are. Ensure a familiar (and unified) experience for them when they're shopping online. Always be available at their convenience and preference.

Boost Sales

Tap into the power of augmented reality and implement a try-before-you-buy virtual model. Drive engagement and aid people's decision-making to convert them into customers with little effort. Now achieve all your sales goals with our omnichannel solution.

Build Your Brand

Edge competitors and stand out so that people recognize your brand/store, trust you, and (always) buy from you. With a unique omnichannel augmented reality experience for customers, help your brand shine brighter and grow faster.

mirrAR: Making Retail Transformation Possible

mirrAR is a leading augmented reality platform. We bring a suite of products, powering business owners to deliver a marvelously outstanding omnichannel augmented reality experience. 

We help retailers across industries integrate AR solutions into their existing infrastructure and achieve higher scalability. Our products are robust and have been built keeping in mind the fundamentals of omnichannel augmented reality experience. So, wherever you and your customers are, and whatever your growth plans are, we have a fitting solution for your distinct needs.

No more letting high competition and unequipped plans hinder your business growth!

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