This power packed solution enables
virtual try-ons for a Global audience
on your website.

A Seamless Try-before-Buy Experience

Our website solution solves the age old problem of not knowing what the actual product will look like or how the customer will feel post an online purchase. Our try before you buy feature makes the customer sure of what he’s investing into, which leads to increased conversions, fulfilled expectations & lower return rates.

Anyone with a browser can experience it

Supports all platforms

Features & Benefits

Reduced Return Rates

Your customers can now experience what it feels like to own a product even before they pay for it. This surely builds trust & reduces return rates.

Virtual Try-Ons

It's not just about the scroll on your website anymore. Virtual try-on enables customers to try-on jewellery pieces on your website in real time.

Data Analytics

Get access to details about maximum selected product items, highest wish-listed product item, preferred product category and more!

CAD Try-On

Our tech supports CAD and hand-sketches. Add designs to the website, let people try-on virtually & then take orders to manufacture.

Full Control

Get access to a dashboard which allows you to add & manage your digitised Inventory, pricing, security features.

Safety & Security

Data integrity is of utmost importance! Each step from signing up to your credentials to adding and managing inventory is 100% secure.

Catch a Glimpse of the webAR Experience

Team & Support

From helping you sign in to setting up your mirrAR to guiding you post on-boarding & commencement of operations, our team is just a call away. Your Account Manager will be your point of contact for anything & everything you might need, from Marketing Support to Tech Support to Operations Support.

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