mirrAR In-Store: In-Store
Virtual Jewellery Software

Transform physical shopping experiences
using augmented reality.

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Key Features

Differentiate your Brand with mirrAR In-Store

Infinite Inventory

AR Digital Vault

mirrAR lets your business flourish without physical inventory. You can now stock & manage infinite digital jewellery pieces on your AR digital vault, that can be accessed any time, from anywhere.

Increased Sales

More Options, Faster Try-Ons

Witness your conversions grow & prosper with the integration of mirrAR at your store. Allow customers to browse through your collections & make selections seamlessly.

Incredible Experience

Zero Effort Try-Ons

Elevate your client's in-store experience as they try-on jewellery pieces in real time without having to physically wear them & without the need of any manual adjustments.

Experiential & Limitless Retail at Exhibits

Our iPad Solution can also be used to carry infinite digital inventory to Exhibitions & Conferences.
It's safe, secure & an absolutely interactive experience for customers. Catch a Sneak Peek here.

3 Steps to a World Class In-Store Experience

At mirrAR, we believe in simplifying processes through technology. Getting started with mirrAR In-Store is
simple and straightforward. Tap all the benefits of AR software for jewellery store with effortless execution.

Setup your Digital Store

Once you have your digitised inventory, you can set up your store via our self service dashboard.

Installation & Training

mirrAR will be integrated on iPad's which can be placed inside your store and be connected to larger screens.

You're All Set

Congratulations, you can now provide an enhanced virtual try-on experience to your customers in store!

Peak into the FAQs

What is in-store virtual jewellery software?
MirrAR's AR jewellery store try on software enables virtual try on of digitised inventories inside physical jewellery retail stores. It offers an interactive and seamless buying experience to customers, providing them to try pieces of jewellery without physically handling that item.
How does virtual jewellery software benefit jewellery stores?
In-store virtual jewellery software brings jewellery stores the opportunities to enhance their customer experience. Further, the solution allows them to add modernity to their infrastructure, and in that course edge the competitors and garner positive attention. There are many direct and indirect benefits of jewellery store try on software, all paving way to the store’s improved sales, brand positioning, and customer retention.
Where is AR software for jewellery stores being used?
Many brands, including some of the leading ones, now use in store virtual mirror jewellery try on for store. They install the solution within their store and let customers walk in, try virtual jewellery on the screen, make their selections and make an informed purchase decision. Over 250+ brands in 44 global cities trust the product today.
How do I get started?
We would first need to digitise your inventory using our guidelines. Once done, they shall be uploaded to a dashboard, which you will have full control over. You can also centralise all your inventory in case you have multiple stores.

Thereon, mirrAR’s in-store virtual jewellery software on iPads will be installed in your store and configured to a larger screen. You (and your customers) are ready in no time to experience a better simulated try on the interface.

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