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Why Choose mirrAR ?


With mirrAR, you can digitise your entire inventory which will be visible to your customers in an e-catalogue. Every item on the e-catalogue can further be tried on by your customers!

Studio Mode

To get the customers as close to the in-store experience as possible, we also have the option to zoom in and out of chosen designs to explore the intricacies & detailing in those pieces.

Gallery Mode

In case the customer wants to view the design on someone else, our app gives them that option to upload a static image and see how the jewellery would look! This helps them try & buy not just for their own selves but also for friends & family.

Virtual Try-Ons

The Customer Viewing App is the app that the end consumer gets access to. This app gives them the opportunity to try on products from the jewellers who’ve shared the link with them.


Customers, with one easy tap, can wishlist the items they like for hassle free viewing later on! It’s the most exciting way to select the jewellery they like.

Extend the Joy of Experiential
Shopping Easily

Digitise Your Jewellery via
Photography & editing
Upload the Inventory, choose the
inventory you'd like to share & generate links
Share the link with your customers and witness
them get closer to your brand as they try on your
entire catalogue seamlessly

Virtual Try-Ons for Rings
& Bracelets: A True Enabler

With our real-time markerless hand tracking technology, your consumers can try on rings & bracelets from your collections virtually, without having to follow any additional steps for calibration or adding markers to their hands for tracking.

With this feature, you will now be able to enable virtual try ons for your entire catalogue including Earrings, Necklaces, Sets, Rings : An offering exclusively available via mirrAR in the Augmented Reality Industry.

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