True-to-Life  AR
Virtual Try-On for

Etch your brand in the customers mind as they try different glasses frames, lenses and tints on mobile and desktop browsers.

Fully Customisable for Enhanced
Realism and Aesthetics

The hyper-realistic virtual eyeglasses try-on experience is fully customizable, featuring a wide  range of adjustable product attributes

Advanced AI + AR features for a reimagined & immersive virtual shopping experience

Automated Pupillary Distance Measurement

Here's how we ensure perfect positioning:

1. Binocular PD: the distance between the center of the customer‘s pupil on one eye and the center of the pupil of the other eye.

2. Lenses to camera distance: calculated from the size of the customer‘s pupil to the camera lens captured for further measurement optimization. The above-listed relative dimensions are automatically aligned with the 3D product visual parameters and ensure eyewear products are displayed in realistic size.

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Unlimited Product Recommendations

The plugin allows suggestions of similar items based on product properties or user behavior, within the try-on window. Therefore, improving sales on desired products.

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Try Glasses while wearing

Wear your current prescription glasses when trying them out, so that you can clearly see the glasses you‘ve chosen.

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Compare Looks & Products

Customers can easily compare one frame to another, side by side, in the same virtual try-on window. The product that looks best on them can then be added to the cart directly.

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How does the Virtual
Try-on tool work?

Once your inventory is digitized & uploaded, customers can follow the steps below to find
the perfect pair

A few clicks to complete Integration

Our platform is compatible with all operating systems to ensure a
wholesome omnichannel experience.

Let's Drive Your Innovation & Digital Transformation Strategy Together.

Why choose

Market Leaders in the AR space

We work with enterprise clients that have trusted the product for great cost-effectiveness and fast delivery than any other solution provider in the market.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

You can count on our comprehensive approach, including a mapped ecosystem, service blueprint, defined customer value proposition, fresh design, machine learning-backed recommendations, and data analytics.

Customer Centric Approach

Your business goals are at the centre of everything we do. By tailoring your virtual try-on solution to fit a specific phase of your marketing funnel, you can maximize ROI and gain tangible business advantages.

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