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June 25, 2023

| 4 mins read

Why New Beauty Brands Should Adopt AR Virtual Try-On

Why New Beauty Brands Should Adopt AR Virtual Try-On

What Is Virtual Try-on? 

The beauty industry is highly competitive and ever-evolving. New brands are constantly emerging and facing challenges to establish themselves, struggling to capture the attention and loyalty of consumers. In this age of technological advancements, e-commerce and online shopping are on the rise, with traditional brick-and-mortar experiences being replaced. The beauty industry has witnessed a significant transformation in the way consumers engage with products. One such groundbreaking and innovative technology disrupting the beauty industry is the Augmented Reality (AR) virtual try-on. This virtual makeup try-on technology allows consumers to virtually test beauty products and cosmetics before making a purchase, creating a seamless, personalised and enhanced shopping experience. 

In this blog, we will explore why new beauty brands should embrace AR virtual makeup try-on tools to enhance customer engagement, boost sales, build brand trust and stay ahead in a competitive landscape.

The Role of Augmented Reality in Beauty Marketing 

Enhancing the Customer Experience

Enhanced customer experience is very crucial for building brand loyalty and driving sales. One big challenge consumers face while purchasing cosmetics and beauty products online is the inability to try them on physically. AR in the beauty industry with the virtual try-on concept provides an immersive and dynamic way to visualise in real-time how a particular shade of lipstick looks on their lips or how a specific eyeshadow palette compliments their eye colour or how a hairstyle or skin care product will look on them without even physically touching the product. By utilising this advanced AR technology, new beauty brands can bridge the gap between online and offline experiences providing customers with a sense of confidence and convenience. This level of engagement empowers consumers to make informed purchasing decisions, leading to increased customer satisfaction and reduced product returns.

 Increased Sales and Conversion

One of the biggest challenges for new beauty brands is converting website visitors into paying customers and boosting conversion rates. By harnessing the power of AR virtual makeup try-on, brands have successfully eradicated the hesitation and uncertainty often experienced by customers during online shopping, thereby enhancing their confidence and accelerating purchase decisions. By offering customers the ability to see how products look on themselves in real-time, such as visualising lipstick shades or hairstyles that complement their unique attributes, businesses eliminate the guesswork in online shopping. This enhanced confidence in the product's suitability, as a result of virtual try-on experiences, significantly boosts conversion rates, compelling customers to make purchases with increased certainty and satisfaction. Some have reported up to 200% higher conversion rates compared to traditional methods. By embracing this cutting-edge technology, emerging beauty brands have the opportunity to harness their potential, unlocking higher sales and fostering deeper customer engagement that propels their growth and success in the market.

Personalised Shopping Experience

When it comes to beauty products, preferences vary from person to person, as every individual is unique. By leveraging the Virtual makeup software, new beauty brands can cater to the diverse preferences and individuality of customers, enabling them to personalise their shopping experience based on their unique skin tone, hair colour, and facial features. By offering a comprehensive array of virtual options and customised recommendations, these brands deliver a curated experience that fosters customer satisfaction and loyalty, resulting in a higher likelihood of repeat purchases and long-term brand engagement. This establishes a deeper connection with customers and fosters a sense of value and understanding.

Social Media Engagement and Brand Awareness

Social media platforms have emerged as vital channels for beauty brands to effectively promote their products and engage with their target audience. The seamless integration of AR virtual try-on with social media platforms presents an exciting opportunity for users to effortlessly share their engaging and personalised virtual makeup try-on experiences with their friends and followers, amplifying brand reach, driving user-generated content, and sparking meaningful conversations around beauty products and trends. This user-generated content and word-of-mouth marketing create a buzz around new beauty products. The organic sharing of AR virtual try-on experiences on social media platforms not only boosts brand awareness but also serves as a powerful catalyst for acquiring new customers, fostering brand advocacy, and ultimately driving substantial growth in sales for beauty brands.

Building Trust and Establishing Brand Authority

Another challenge new beauty brands face is gaining trust among consumers. The adoption of AR Virtual makeup try-on by new beauty brands not only addresses the challenge of establishing trust but also empowers them to build credibility and authority within the industry. By offering customers the ability to virtually try on products and witness the authentic results firsthand, these brands foster confidence and eliminate any doubts or skepticism. This commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction showcases the brand's dedication to delivering an exceptional experience. As a result, new beauty brands position themselves as innovative leaders, gaining the trust of consumers and solidifying their reputation as trustworthy and reliable sources for beauty products.

Reduces Environmental Impact

AR-enabled virtual makeup try-on reduces the environmental impact of the beauty industry by eliminating the need for physical product samples. This practice minimises packaging waste and reduces the carbon footprint associated with transporting and manufacturing those samples. Moreover, virtual try-on empowers consumers to make informed choices, preventing unnecessary purchases and potential product wastage.

Wrapping Up 

The Future of Virtual Makeup Try-on Technology 

In a fiercely competitive beauty market, new brands must stay ahead by embracing AR in the beauty industry. This technology sets them apart, offering a unique value proposition that attracts and retains customers. Early adoption establishes them as innovative and customer-centric leaders, driving growth and success in the industry.

Virtual makeup try-on has set an unprecedented trend that’s going to stay for the foreseeable future and may even evolve with time to rehash how beauty brands establish themselves in the ever-competitive market and engage meaningfully with their customers. 

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