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May 3, 2022

| 7 min read

Sell Jewelry Online With Latest Virtual Try-On Technology

Sell Jewelry Online With Latest Virtual Try-On Technology

The 21st-century is an era of digitisation and virtual try-on Jewelry is paving the way for a new way of shopping online.

As more and more people have access to and are recognising the benefits of technology, our entire world is getting online.

Everything and anything is available online - Jewelry is no exception to this.

Online Jewelry shopping is becoming increasingly common among consumers due to a variety of reasons.

Jewelry is appealing to both men and women of all ages and cultures, and the industry is highly diverse as there is a range of products that can be made from different mediums such as gold, silver, diamonds, gems, beads and so on.

The pandemic has further escalated consumer’s preference for virtual try-on Jewelry.

Though shops have reopened, online Jewelry shopping has progressed, with jewelers now providing more online platforms to mimic the in-store experience for those shopping from home.

According to McKinsey and Company, online Jewelry transactions are projected to account for about 18% of all sales of online branded Jewelry by 2025 and one of the prominent factors is the usage of smartphones in India.

growth of online jewellery transactions with the growth of mobile phone usage

Jewelers must learn how to sell Jewelry online India because the current demand for online Jewelry in India is about $135 million, and it has been rapidly growing in recent years, with a projected market of $2 billion by 2022.

So, buying and selling Jewelry online is a big market and can be hugely lucrative.

How to start an online store to sell Jewelry? Here are the steps:

1. Examine market

To kick-start your online Jewelry business, you’ll need to do some research to understand your target audience and market. This will help you create an effective marketing strategy, as well as a business plan. For instance, you can:

  • Do Competitive Analysis: Look into other online Jewelry businesses on the web and figure out what they’re doing right (and wrong).
  • Conduct Surveys: Use social media ads to reach out to people interested in Jewelry (and fashion) with your survey questions. Seek their opinions and preferences.
  • Look Over Google Trends: Tools, such as Google Trends, let you browse trending topics in a particular industry, so you get to know about the popular items.
  • Bookmark Online Jewelry Blogs: Going through various online Jewelry blogs with updated content can help you discover potential opportunities in your market.

2. Define your niche

One of the first things to consider when selling online is your niche

What kind of Jewelry are you passionate about and want to provide to customers?

If you have a specific niche, it is much easier to succeed in a busy market like the Jewelry industry.

It’s important to know what you are offering and who you are selling to.

For instance, if you are selling an exclusive range of diamond engagement rings, your audience will be people in relationships, at a certain income level.

3. Decide on where you want to sell online

You will have to curate a space for your business in this huge world of the internet.

Start to choose from online marketplaces and social media platforms; you can have your own self-hosted online store.

To create an omnipresence, you can exhibit your business in more than one domain.

4. Set up your store

The next step is to set up your online store and get your products out there. You will have to make your Jewelry pieces stand out and create an aesthetic experience for customers similar to that provided by an exquisite Jewelry store.Take high-quality product photos which appeal to the audience through their device screens.Write captivating and detailed product descriptions for the audience to get them to know about the pieces. Remember - Jewelry is all about details.

Take high-quality product photos which appeal to the audience through their device screens.

Write captivating and detailed product descriptions for the audience to get them to know about the pieces. Remember - Jewelry is all about details.

5. Pricing and other details

Jewelry should be offered at appropriate prices while being inclusive of a seller’s costs.

While pricing your products pretty high might repel potential customers, picking a price that’s too low might risk convincing the buyers that you’re not offering quality-focused Jewelry pieces. So, be consistent with your pricing and provide price break-ups on your website. So, Be consistent with your pricing and provide price break-ups on your website.

For instance, in the case of gold Jewelry, mention in detail the making and wastage charges, prices of gems and stones, etc.

It builds on accurate information and trust. Online selling also requires other important details to be listed, regarding shipping and delivery, payment gateways, return and refund policies.

Furthermore, checking out online Jewelry business competitors will help you decide your products’ pricing and remain competitive in the market. Efficient and reasonable pricing can help you gain new customers and boost your brand’s footprint.

6. Build your brand

Your target audience will fall in love with your mission, vision and goods if you have a strong brand identity.

A distinctive brand name, a beautiful logo, a powerful website and a striking colour palette are all essential components of a successful brand.

7. Start marketing

If you want to target a wide digital audience, then reaching out through Facebook and Instagram ads can be useful.

You can experiment by collaborating with influencers and celebrities with a large social media presence.

Use SEO activities for generating organic traffic. Email marketing is another effective way to create long-term relationships with your existing and new customers.

Make sure your marketing strategy is native to your target demographics and psychographics. For instance, if you sell Jewelry online India, the strategy should be tailored to that demographic. Higher personalization ensures enhanced conversion.

8. Keep upgrading

In such a competitive market, you have to keep evolving and upgrading your business to create your digital footprints.

What’s the next big thing in the online Jewelry world?

The answer: virtual try-on Jewelry.

Integrating AR Into Your Online Jewelry Store With the Latest Virtual Try-on Jewelry

Jewelry is a tactile category, which means consumers like to look at and try items before purchasing them.

Customers who shop for Jewelry online, on the other hand, do not get a true sense of the size and details.

Also, buying such an expensive consumer product requires solid trust and engagement between buyers and sellers.  

To provide an extravagant in-store experience for online Jewelry shoppers, the Jewelry industry has witnessed the integration of virtual technology features into online stores namely the latest virtual try on Jewelry

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that incorporates the features of an app, your smartphone camera and the real-world environment to create an immersive experience.

Online Jewelry brands now provide customers with virtual try on Jewelryexperiences without them needing to visit their stores.

Top Jewelry brands such as CaratLane, Tanishq, Forevermark, Amrapali and PC Jewelers have teamed up with companies that develop virtual try on Jewelry applications.

With a virtual try before you buy feature, customers can easily scan their faces or hands and try the ornaments they prefer.

The app instantly positions the ornament in the correct location and provides customers with additional features such as the ability to zoom in and examine intricate details.

There are some other exciting options as well, such as mixing and matching specific parts from different Jewelry pieces and customising your own piece.

Customers may also use the metals and other materials offered by the app to create their own ornaments from scratch.

Benefits of AR: How it Helps Jewelers Win

  • Gain consumer insights: The virtual try on Jewelry approach helps you to observe customers’ actions and learn about what they like and dislike, and then provide them with Jewelry that matches their preferences.
  • Enhances customer experience: The AR-based features create a real-time shopping experience, similar to in-store shopping. The entire control is in the hands of customers, resulting in happy, satisfied and loyal customers.
  • Reduces return of products: Customers may use an AR-powered try on solution to help them choose the right ring, earring or necklace. As a result, they can purchase the correct item the first time, reducing the chances of returns.
  • Boosts your online business and sales: This form of try-before-you-buy e-commerce has enabled online Jewelry businesses to overcome tedious challenges and reach out to potential customers across the globe. This can increase sales considerably and build long-term trusting relationships with their customers.
  • Offer contactless shopping experience: Contactless business is mushrooming after the COVID-19 outbreak, and the trend is expected to deepen further. AR lets you deliver a real-time, seamless, no-touch Jewelry try-on buying experience to customers, even at physical stores.

How to Get Started With a Virtual Try-on Jewelry Solution?

If you want to sell Jewelry online and integrate the power of AR technology, mirrAR has the finest solutions for your needs and requirements.You can digitise your inventory and provide it in the form of an e-catalogue to your customers.Every item on the e-catalogue can be tried on by customers themselves or they can choose for friends and family. Embrace the interactive AR Jewelrytry on technology with mirrAR and provide your customers with a refined shopping experience. Take a step forward and get a headstart.

mirrAR: Revolutionizing Jewelry Shopping with Immersive Try-On Experiences

mirrAR, a pioneer in augmented reality (AR) technology for the jewelry industry, has transformed the way individuals shop for jewelry. By seamlessly integrating AR into online platforms, mirrAR empowers customers to virtually try on a wide range of jewelry pieces, from delicate earrings to statement necklaces, without the need to physically visit a store.

Earring Try-On: Enhancing the Charm of Earrings

Earring Try-On technology from mirrAR allows customers to explore a vast collection of earrings, ranging from classic studs to bold hoops and dangling earrings. Users can virtually place the earrings on their ears, assessing the size, style, and overall look against their facial features. This immersive experience enables customers to experiment with different styles and find the perfect pair of earrings to complement their unique style.

Necklace Try-On: Discovering the Perfect Pendant

mirrAR's Necklace Try-On feature transforms the way customers discover their ideal necklace. Users can virtually drape a variety of necklaces, from delicate chokers to statement necklaces, around their necks. The technology accurately simulates the drape and movement of the necklace, allowing customers to visualize how the piece will flow with their body and outfit. This feature empowers customers to find necklaces that not only complement their personal style but also enhance their overall look.

Ring Try-On: Finding the Ideal Ring for Every Finger

Ring Try-On from mirrAR revolutionizes the traditional ring shopping experience. Customers can virtually slip rings onto their fingers, experimenting with different styles, sizes, and gemstone settings. The technology accurately renders the ring's proportions on the user's hand, allowing them to assess the fit, aesthetics, and compatibility with their personal style. This immersive feature ensures that customers find rings that perfectly complement their fingers and enhance their overall style.

Bracelet Try-On: Stacking and Styling with Ease

mirrAR's Bracelet Try-On feature empowers customers to explore and style a variety of bracelets. Users can virtually adorn their wrists with a diverse range of bracelets, from delicate bangles to chunky cuffs and statement pieces. The technology accurately renders the bracelets on the user's wrist, allowing them to visualize how different styles and combinations complement their personal style and outfit choices. This interactive feature encourages experimentation and ensures that customers find bracelets that perfectly match their unique style and preferences.

With its comprehensive suite of virtual try-on solutions, mirrAR is bridging the gap between online and offline jewelry shopping. By providing customers with an immersive and personalized experience, mirrAR is empowering individuals to discover their ideal jewelry pieces with confidence and ease.

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