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June 14, 2022

| 10 min read

Jewelers Can Now Boost Brand Engagement on Instagram & Facebook

Jewelers Can Now Boost Brand Engagement on Instagram & Facebook

SocialAR can be defined as a means for people to engage with AR through various social media applications like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. It consists of a set of fun and interesting camera filters that can help customers and brands connect in an immersive way!

By breaking down physical barriers and exchanging fleeting promotional content, socialAR can allow brands and users to discover and interact with each other. The idea is to use augmented reality to provide messages to customers depending on factors such as location, the content they are viewing, or social graphics. Through this, brands can stimulate conversations with customers while also conveying the latest brand news, updates, and promotions.

What are the benefits of using socialAR?

While the use of augmented reality in social media is still in its nascent stage, marketers can no longer ignore it. It is an enjoyable, convenient, and unique means of integrating brands into the lives of consumers, thus building brand awareness and driving customer engagement.

he perks of brands establishing a tailored AR filter for their audience are now an evident opportunity for them to engage with their customers in one of the most significant manners. Here are a few reasons why firms like Khanna jewelers, Soni Sapphire, and Mouawad continue to create their own socialAR experiences:

Increase brand awareness

A great AR experience is highly shareable. If brands create amazing AR experiences for their audience, users will want to share the results with their friends and family. Users can share photos or videos taken with the AR filter designed by the brand by simply opening the camera and snapping a photo or video with the AR filter. A button is added to the image so that people who have seen it can test it out for themselves. This is fantastic news for brands because it combines word-of-mouth and UGC (user-generated content).

Excellent brand recall value

According to Zappar, AR experiences are uniquely remembered. For any potential customer using AR filters, brands can increase memory recall rates by 70% as compared to a regular video. As a result, augmented reality can be a particularly effective technique of delivering information that will be retained.

Catalyzes e-commerce growth

AR is showing its value not only for branding and entertainment but also for e-commerce. Augmented reality already is heavily linked to social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook as they provide a unique space to operate in. Brands may always link socialAR filters to their websites to drive traffic to their e-commerce sites. We MakeUp, an Italian cosmetics brand created a socialAR filter that allowed users to try-on different shades of lipsticks and make the purchase right away. This campaign was a huge success with a 53% higher CTR and a 28 point lift in sales as compared to a regular video ad.

Extend brand reach

Consumers' viral acceptance of AR in social media emphasises why brands need to embrace the technology to enhance their social strategies, and it's already proving to be an effective channel for engaging consumers and expanding the reach much beyond geographical boundaries. Through socialAR, brands can engage with a worldwide audience, gain new customers, and retain existing customers. When a customer uses the brand's fun and engaging AR filter to take a picture and share it, a set of information about the brand is linked in order to pique the curiosity of other users. These custom filters show the company’s logo, impose its products on the customer’s selfie, or put the brand’s characters directly into the user's photo. As a result, a chain of users forms, boosting the brand's global reach.

Understand user behavior

Each time a user interacts with a brand, there is an opportunity to gather valuable data. This information is critical for determining who the customers are and how they interact with the brand. Since AR is one of the most powerful ways to get users to engage with the brand, it is also one of the most effective tools to gather consumer data. Once the brand’s AR filter is live, the brand will be able to track metrics like impressions, the number of times the filter has been opened, saved, and the number of times someone has taken a photo with the effect and shared it. The brand will also be able to get a detailed breakdown of its audience's demographics, including gender, age, and the top countries in which they live.

When incorporating socialAR into their marketing strategies, brands have three clear goals in mind: to increase sales and downloads, drive consumer engagement, and raise brand awareness. All of which can be achieved via the implementation of socialAR.

How can mirrAR help?

On the one hand, augmented reality is taking over social media platforms in an unprecedented way, and on the other hand, experiential retail is at its peak! At mirrAR, we combine the two to create a unique world-class experience for you to offer to your customers. We can help you reach out to your customers & initiate a virtual try-on experience of your inventory on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook via our AR filters! Enable permanent filters on your IG handle, gather millions of impressions and try-ons as your customers get to wear your jewelry virtually, in real-time, on their favourite platforms. Get in touch with us today to watch the magic unveil as a global audience shares these try-on pictures on their stories and with their friends and family!

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