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August 28, 2023

| 7 min read

How Branded Social AR Filters Attract Audiences to your Brand

How Branded Social AR Filters Attract Audiences to your Brand

A Powerful Duo: Social Media & Augmented Reality

In a world where customer experience is of utmost importance, social AR filters give brands a golden chance to connect with their customers, make more sales, and establish their brand voice. Now, the question isn't "why should we do it?" but "when can we start doing it?"

In 2023, using AR for marketing will be super useful for both companies and customers. Branded social AR filters can make things really exciting for customers. It helps businesses in many ways, from getting people interested to making them loyal customers. Brands can use AR filters and AR effects to share cool messages or business propositions and make things fun. When people use AR to look at products, they're much more likely to buy them. 

According to IPSOS, a global market research leader, interacting with products that are integrated with AR experience results in 94% higher purchase conversion rate.

Ripple Effect of Social Media

In today's digital landscape, the influence of social media extends far beyond just followers, likes and comments. It encompasses a dynamic phenomenon known as the "ripple effect," where a single action triggers a series of interconnected reactions that amplify its reach.
Revolutionize beauty and fashion with augmented reality for jewelry – enhance user experiences, boost engagement, and expand your global reach today! However, it should be noted that one needs to understand the nuances of how to share branded AR content on social media in order to truly leverage the ripple effect. Branded AR social media content serves as a typical example of this ripple effect phenomena, acting as a catalyst that ripples through audiences and augments brand exposure and engagement. Through this transformative process, branded AR content not only raises brand awareness but also fosters authentic user-generated content, cultivates emotional connections, and propels the brand's presence across the digital landscape.

Branded AR content's ripple effect isn't just confined to awareness; it surprasses various stages of the consumer journey. As users engage with AR-filtered products, the ripple carries them through the conversion funnel, resulting in higher purchase conversion rates. As AR technology evolves, the potential for further amplification of this ripple effect becomes even more promising, solidifying branded AR content as a transformative force in modern marketing, capable of creating a lasting impression that resonates far beyond initial interactions.

Understanding the Psychology Behind Customer Experience 

Novel Experience 

The psychology of customer experience in the context of AR filters or AR effects begins with novelty. Novel experiences trigger curiosity and engagement. When users encounter AR filters that offer creative and unique interactions, they're more likely to spend time exploring and sharing these experiences with their network. This novelty factor contributes to positive brand associations and memorable interactions.

Emotional Response

Also, AR filters tap into users' emotions, evoking joy, surprise, nostalgia, or even amusement. Emotional resonance deepens user engagement and prompts them to share their experiences with their online community. 


On the other hand, the psychology of social validation comes into play with AR filters. When users see their peers engaging with branded filters, they experience a Fear of Missing Out (FOMO). This prompts them to join in, driven by the desire to be part of a shared experience. Brands can leverage this psychology to create a sense of community around their filters. 


Remember that customers remember. Memorable experiences created through AR filters contribute to long-term brand recall. When users remember a positive interaction, they're more likely to engage with the brand in the future, both online and offline.

Personal Connection

The filters users choose often align with their self-identity or current mood. Brands that offer filters reflecting users' preferences tap into the psychology of self-expression, fostering a personal connection between users and the brand.

Future-Proof Marketing Strategy 

Branded AR social media filters emerge as a future-proof marketing strategy, positioned at the forefront of technological evolution and changing consumer behaviors. By integrating AR filters into their marketing strategies, brands signal their readiness to embrace emerging trends, demonstrating their commitment to staying relevant in the fast-paced digital realm. As users become more accustomed to AR experiences, these filters will continue to resonate, ensuring that brands remain at the forefront of users' attention, no matter how the marketing landscape evolves.

Hence, by being at the forefront, and leveraging a future-proof strategy, you indirectly tell your customers how innovative your brand is. Customers are on the internet (on social media, to be precise), so you need to be there as well. By readily adopting social media driven approaches, you not only are future-proof but you are casting net on a larger audience base. 

Mobile-Centric Strategy 

The use of Augmented Reality in the beauty and fashion industry on social media holds significant advantages, transforming the way brands interact with their audience and enhancing user experiences. A social media Augmented Reality (AR) filter embodies a mobile-centric strategy by seamlessly integrating with the habits and preferences of today's smartphone-driven society. As more users engage with content primarily through their mobile devices, AR filters offer an ideal platform to capture and maintain their attention. These filters transform users' smartphones into windows to exciting and interactive virtual experiences. AR filters optimize for the compact screens and touch interactions of mobile devices, ensuring a user-friendly experience. Their design takes into account varying screen sizes and resolutions, ensuring that the filters look appealing and function smoothly on a wide range of smartphones. 

With the majority of online interactions occurring on smartphones, branded AR filters offer a seamless and engaging way to connect with audiences where they naturally dwell. This adaptability to mobile platforms ensures that brands can maintain meaningful interactions regardless of changes in technology or user preferences. 

Case Studies: Brands that Nailed it 


Off-White, an Italian luxury fashion company founded by the designer Virgil Abloh, launched a viral instagram AR filter. The filter was strategically introduced during Off-White's presentation at Paris Fashion Week, enabling users to virtually try-on sunglasses from the brand's lineup, along with incorporating additional elements such as Off-White's distinctive branded quotation marks.

P.E Nation

Introducing another impressive fashion filter, the P.E Nation Alpine AR filter invites users to experiment with three essential items from the Australian sportswear brand's fresh snow-wear collection. When activated, the filter immerses users in a 360-degree snowy environment, allowing them to virtually test out these styles designed for colder climates.

mirrAR’s Experience with AR Filters

We at mirrAR have first-hand experience in developing AR filters powered by industry-leading face-tracking and preview placement technology. With us, you can seamlessly convert 2D and 3D renders of your products which can be added on social media. 

We offer our services to a number of industries, such as jewelry, beauty, skincare, watches, handbags and eyewear. Using social AR filters, your customers can easily view such products before purchasing, hence reducing the instances of returns. We have a specialized team that fully understands and dives deeper into your brand to craft tailored filters that can be permanently added to your brand’s social media handles. 

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