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December 15, 2021

| 4 min read

Grow your business with MirrAR- How

Grow your business with MirrAR- How

Augmented Reality: Transforming Business Interactions

Augmented reality (AR) is transforming the way businesses interact with their customers, potential customers, and even their employees. From retail stores to the automotive industry, organizations are harnessing the power of AR to boost efficiency, try new ideas, and train their workforce. But these new-age technologies can seem daunting. Are they right for your business strategies, and are they worth the investment? Let's explore the most effective ways to use AR and its potential benefits.

Implementing AR Strategies in Various Industries

Mentioned below are a few ways businesses have implemented strategies using AR across various industries:.

1. Enhanced Customer Experience

Augmented reality can enhance your customer experience depending on your business structure and can add tremendous value to your business as long as those are authentic and not forced. Find out how MirrAR helps retailers increase their sales through augmented reality technology.

2. Helping customers find the right product while sitting at home

AR can initiate you to try on sunglasses, watches, Jewelry , and more by projecting them onto an image of yours on any screen. This can be done through various apps and smartphones.

3.Marketing your organization

With the age of smartphones and high-end digital cameras embedded in your smartphones, augmented reality has become very accessible and has opened a lot of doors to market your organization through innovative and interactive methods. One good example of how augmented reality is being used for marketing is the video game Pokémon GO, where users have to use their smartphones and augmented reality technology to find pokemon in your neighborhood, and has proven to be a massive viral marketing tactic.

4.Becoming efficient

.AR can be hugely helpful in identifying efficiency improvements within your business operations. For example, in the Jewelry industry, carrying your merchandise to exhibitions can be a hazard in terms of security and theft, through AR technology merchandise has been able to digitize their inventory and customers can try out the pieces through AR.

Similarly, mirrAR has been revolutionizing how customers buy Jewelry ; it is a real-time AR platform for retail brands that enable consumers to virtually try-on products and experience how it feels to own them before the actual purchase, both in-store & online.

mirrAR: Revolutionizing Jewelry Shopping with AR

MirrAR helps the Jewelry industry by enabling them to grow their business in the digital era and helps them grow their business with the following products:

1. mirrAR In-Store: Perfect for Retailers & Exhibitors

AR In-store solution

MirrAR’s In-store solution allows you to enable virtual try-ons to digitized versions of your inventory inside the physical boundaries of your store. From managing your customers better to managing your inventory better, our product adds a layer of efficiency to your operations & sales, over & above providing an immersive shopping experience to your customers.

2. WebAR: Elevating E-Commerce for Global Brands

WebAR for E-Commerce

With WebAR, you can integrate this technology to any website and solve the age-old problem of not knowing what the actual product will look like or how the customer will feel post an online purchase. The try before you buy feature makes the customer sure of what he’s investing into, which leads to increased conversions, fulfilled expectations & lower return rates.

3. mirrAR App: Seamless Virtual Try-Ons on the Go

Virtual Try-Ons for Apps

With MirrAR’s app virtual shopping experience will be on the move. Using MirrAR's link generation feature, you can let customers experience trying-on your inventory on the go! With our real-time markerless hand tracking technology, your consumers can try on rings & bracelets from your collections virtually, without having to follow any additional steps for calibration or adding markers to their hands for tracking.

4. mirrAR Business: Every Manufacturers Go-To Solution

MirrAR’s In-store solution

The MirrAR Business App is an application created exclusively for interaction between manufacturers and retailers. As a manufacturer, you can now safely share your entire catalog with multiple retailers & stay updated about their activity around your inventory as well! It's a safe medium you can trust for all your business needs & for faster, collaborative communication.

Get more information about MirrAR by clicking here or write to us at mirrar@styledotme.com

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