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January 15, 2024

| 5 mins read

Boosting Sales for Brands: The Impact of Augmented Reality Watch Try-Ons.

Boosting Sales for Brands: The Impact of Augmented Reality Watch Try-Ons.

The cutting-edge realm of augmented reality (AR) where the virtual meets the real is transforming your online shopping experience day by day. And we’re not even noticing most of the time! But if you’ve been noticing, small AR integrations on websites years ago have now fully bloomed into the apps. The other day we noticed restaurants using AR on food ordering apps. Have you seen your pizza in 3D on your favorite food delivery app? We have. And we did end up choosing that over everything else. Augmented Reality (AR) is no longer confined to just jewelry, clothing, make-up, or fashion industries. AR technology now extends its virtual try-on magic to a myriad of products. You virtually try things on with a simple swipe or tap and explore products, even food, in a whole new light. 

Business Transformation Through AR: A New Era for Consumer Engagement

Augmented Reality (AR) isn't just a game-changer for shoppers; it's a boon for business owners too. It empowers business owners by offering immersive, interactive experiences for customers. With AR, customers can visualize products in their space, boosting engagement and driving sales. It breaks down barriers to purchase and instills confidence in decisions. From virtual try-ons for fashion to interactive previews for home decor, AR revolutionizes how businesses connect with their audience. 

With AR, the days of second-guessing your purchases are over, replaced by the thrill of seeing how different items complement your style effortlessly. And when it comes to watches, the possibilities are endless! Yes, AR has been there for watches as AR watch try-on helping you effortlessly experiment with classic designs or daring statement pieces, all from the comfort of your screen. It's like having a personal stylist at your fingertips, guiding you through the latest trends and helping you curate your perfect look. 

The Luxury Watch Market Embraces AR for a Personalized Shopping Journey

In 2023, luxury watch enthusiasts are virtually test-driving their timepieces to make savvy purchase choices. The trend reflects a growing demand for Augmented Reality watch try-on tech. Instead of traditional methods, buyers are opting for online watch try-ons, getting a feel for their desired pieces before buying. It's like going on a virtual date with your future wrist candy, ensuring a perfect match before committing. 

Back in the early 2010s, Tag Heuer blazed the trail as the pioneer in using 3D modeling for virtual watch showcases. Their innovative approach allowed users to virtually try on watches in virtual showrooms, right from their phones. With just a tap, customers could experiment with different products, colors, and styles using the watch try on online application. This hands-on experience boosted conversion rates by 35%, as customers could visualize how different watch models looked on their wrists. Moreover, Tag Heuer noted a significant 25% drop in product returns, all thanks to the implementation of AR watch try on technology.

And in 2020, Gucci made waves by being the pioneer in using markerless AR technology for ar watch try-ons. With this groundbreaking move, shoppers could simply use Gucci's app to pick out a watch and then point their phone camera at their wrist to see how it would look on them, no markers needed! Plus, they could seamlessly buy the watch straight from the website or snap a pic wearing the virtual watch to share with friends for feedback. 

If you're a watch brand hustling on social media, adding AR watch try-ons is a smart move to boost sales. And it's even smarter now that social platforms are jumping on board with wrist-tracking tech. Imagine scrolling through your feed, spotting a cool watch, and then bam! You can virtually try on watches right there, no hassle. It's like having a mini showroom in your pocket, making watch shopping as easy as double-tapping your favorite pictures.

Here are the benefits of utilizing AR watch try-on tech in the high-end watch sector. 

Tick with your customer. 

AR watch try-on is changing the game for how folks engage with fancy watches. With a virtual try-on, you can slap on watches from your couch, no fancy showroom required. It's like having a personal watch party at home! And let me tell you, it's not just fun—it seriously amps up customer engagement. Stats prove it: when people get hands-on with stuff in AR, they're way more likely to buy. 

Convert your customer. 

AR watch try-on isn't just a fancy gimmick—it's a game-changer for luxury watch brands. Say goodbye to the guesswork of online shopping! With virtual try-ons, customers can finally strut their stuff with confidence, knowing exactly what they're getting. And guess what? That confidence translates to more sales, boosting those conversion rates through the roof. Plus, thanks to AR virtual try-ons, going from browsing online to splurging in-store is smoother than ever. 

Which watch is what watch? 

Confused? That’s exactly what VTO tech helps with. In the fierce luxury watch market, standing out is vital. AR watch try-on is the game-changer, offering an interactive shopping vibe. It's all about making that killer first impression, you know? Embracing AR virtual try-on, luxury watch brands show they're tech-smart and customer-focused, snagging that competitive edge.

While augmented reality watch experiences aren't as widespread as trying on eyeglasses or lipstick virtually, watch brands are definitely hopping on the AR bandwagon. In recent years, we've witnessed a surge in AR experiences where users can virtually try on watches. Not only do these experiences help customers make informed decisions and reduce returns, but they also generate buzz for the brands, precisely because they're still relatively rare. As AR watch try-ons become more common, they'll shift from being a novelty to an everyday expectation in the watch shopping experience. Begin your brand’s AR try-on journey with mirrAR today!

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