12th January, 2021 | 5 min read

The Future Of Retail: Augmented Reality

Technology Integration
The retail world has noticed a significant shift from physical retail to online retail, and technological advancements have set out to change the retail market landscape as it does in all other domains of businesses. In an idealistic future, customers would no longer shop by perusing a catalog of products or visiting countless showrooms. Instead, they can browse through the plethora of options to try-on or interact with it, choose what fits their needs and wants the most, and then interactively swipe their way to find what they are looking for —all from the comfort of their own homes. Newsflash, it's no longer a pie-in-the-sky idea, but this technology has arrived, and it is here to stay! This perception is why augmented reality is no longer a distant reality but is turning into today's reality. 

Reaping the many benefits of augmented reality still depends on how well the technology can present the most useful and relevant product characteristics for the customers in context. According to recent research: Most consumers today still prioritize value, product, and convenience while making their purchasing decisions. The feeling of finding the right product, for the right price, with a level of comfort upscales the buyer's confidence ten-folds. This feeling of confidence in the buyer's purchases provides an essential block as retailers wish to integrate new technologies into their customer journey, making their shopping experience interactive.

In today's fast-paced and tech-driven world, shopping experiences are happening in many different contexts: at-home, on-the-go, and in-store. When delivered effectively and efficiently, augmented reality can help customers feel more confident in their product selection—whether through strong product interaction, personalized shopping experiences, or making a deeper emotional connection from immersive brand storytelling. Augmented reality provides a new opportunity for customers to see and interact with unique products like never before. The more customizable, the more valuable these experiences become to build confidence during the shopping experience and make better suggestions for increased conversions.

"When we think about AR shopping, it's not just about seeing what something looks like in your space and seeing the size of it, it's also about seeing the materials and the details of that product, for products where those details do matter, there is craftsmanship in terms of the materials being used, those materials must get portrayed very realistically," says Daniel Beauchamp, head of VR at Shopify. While color and vibrance are typically most important for cosmetics, smaller details—like size or sheen—may be more important for others, like jewellery.

MirrAR has pioneered in bringing augmented reality technology to the jewellery industry. We enable powerful virtual try-on for jewellery buyers where they can browse through legions of beautiful jewellery options with just a swipe. Our technology precisely depicts minute but important details of every jewellery piece exactly as it is including the height of the pieces, quality of the gems used, and its level of shine!

Get more information about MirrAR or write to us at mirrar@styledotme.com for more information.

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