December 9, 2021

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6 ways in which AR can help retailers

6 ways in which AR can help retailers

Here are some ways through which retailers can benefit from this new technology.

1. Enhance the in-store shopping experience

Enhance the in-store shopping experience

Offering seamless browsing and virtual try-ons through Augmented Reality within the boundaries of your physical store will simplify and speed up the whole process of shopping for your customers. This could be provided by setting up AR devices inside experience zones, which serve as an interactive gallery of your Jewelry collection and enable it to view your inventory. Customers will be able to virtually try-on Jewelry pieces however many times, conveniently without hesitating. With this feature, your customers will also be able to explore and try Jewelry options from your collection that might not be available at your store at the time. You also get to create a larger than life experience where your customers can virtually try-on your collection & make selections on devices. Find out more by viewing MirrAR In-Store solution and providing the best in-store shopping to nearly 220 clients worldwide!

2. Enable customers to try before buying,sitting at home

Enable customers to try before buying,sitting at home

What is the first thing 21st-century shoppers look for while shopping? Convenience. The modern buyers are busy and do not want to go through the ordeal of driving down to stores before making that perfect purchase. At the same time, customers also struggle with making a purchase blindly without trying since eCommerce websites and online stores of brands generally offer either only product images or images of models wearing them. This makes it difficult to visualize how it will fit on them in real life. Augmented Reality try-ons help dissolve this barrier by enabling customers to try the Jewelry item, see how it looks on them in real-time, and judge the craftsmanship of the design by allowing them to notice the details of the item - all in the comfort of their homes! Customers crave to try more and more before making the purchase decision and with virtual try-ons, potential buyers will be tempted to try more items effortlessly. Through AR try-ons, your customers can come as close to the in-store experience as possible. Find out more and integrate your online store with MirrAr’s WebAR and get customers to try your products through AR!!

3. Increase customer engagement

Increase customer engagement

Turn a boring browsing experience into something exciting and increase customer engagement. The AR experience is so exciting, consumers will want to try it again and again, thereby keeping them engaged & interested. This innovation when implemented in retail enhances customer experience, driving deeper engagement and interaction, along with convenience. According to statistics, 71% of consumers say they would shop more often if they used AR!

4. Inventory Management

Having your entire inventory accessible at all times is impossible, especially for a high-value product category like Jewelry. Digitizing your Jewelry collection safely and securely is an effective solution to this problem. This will allow you to manage your inventory better. Once your digital inventory is ready, your customers will be able to virtually try your collection. You will be able to carry your Jewelry everywhere in your virtual vault. Your inventory on the go - anytime, anywhere!

5. Get access to data analytics and better customer insights

Get access to data analytics and better customer insights

The Jewelry sector, being a fairly traditional industry, does not generally have access to customer insights or a mechanism to track customer preferences. Using an AR try-on app, you can get access to data analytics and business insights that will help you serve your clients better. These analytics could include the maximum selected product item, highest wish-listed product item, preferred product category, and so on. This feature will also help you generate more leads for your business and build better relations with your customers.

6. Stand out amongst competitors

Stand out amongst competitors

Integrating this technology for your brand will increase brand and product exposure and will also help in making you stand out amongst the other players in the market, who are otherwise using a similar strategy and technology as yours. Virtual reality try-ons could be the new highlight of your business. Empower yourself to facilitate and enhance the way you present your product to clients. Augmented Reality is all about the experience - both for your clients, and yourself. Now accessing and trying-on Jewelry for retailers and customers has never been easier, and safer. Join early in the next generation of shopping and increase your sales through AR!

If you want to transform your business and increase your sales, check-out MirrAR’s solution to all your problems!

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