July 2, 2021

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5 Things Every Jeweler Must Know Before Investing in Augmented Reality

 5 Things Every Jeweler Must Know Before Investing in Augmented Reality

You might be doing it but are you doing it right?

The pandemic has been quite challenging, and you must have had your share of hardships. The traditional business of Jewelry needed a digital makeover for a long time. But given the current scenario, going digital is the need of the hour for your business to survive.

Social distancing & the fear of going out are the new Global realities. Virtual & Contactless try ons solve the problems associated with sanitization of your inventory & staying connected with your customers while they’re safe inside their homes.

There are tons of options available in the market today, including multiple AR products. Augmented reality is all about a seamless experience. Unless the AR technology you pick gives your customers a great experience, integrating it might not be of any or much help. If you are a manufacturer or a retailer looking to invest in one, let us help you understand more about what makes an AR technology the perfect fit for your business.

Top Tip? Do NOT miss out on the 2nd point !

1. Easy to use technology is the winner

Consumers today crave convenience & effortless purchases. Gone are the days when people would have to click pictures, drag & drop Jewelry, see how designs look on them or even follow instructions and adjust their faces.

Pick a technology that makes the process of trying on your pieces effortless & easy to use. It’ll make your designs automatically more attractive. Happy shopping!

2. AR is all about the experience

Anand Shah’s Jewelry at Couture Show in New Delhi

If the Jewelry is flying while you are trying or it disappears when you move your head from one side to the other, say NO. Request for demos, try it on yourself, before you invest.

The idea is to give your customers a seamless virtual try on experience. If it isn’t flawless, the investment might be a sheer waste of time, energy & resources for both, you and the customer.

3. An omni-channel product will boost your business

It is easier to interact with & engage customers when they are in your store. But do you ever wonder how you can stay connected with your customers outside the store?

Choose a product that can give your customers a contactless experience, both inside your store & also from the comfort of their homes via your website or an app. Also, make sure that the product is able to sync your data for efficient utilisation in the online and offline world.

4. Analytics & customer insights

While you’re showing your customers your designs the traditional way in-store, there is absolutely no way you can possibly track their preferences.

With the integration of an AR technology, you get access to so many interesting customer insights, for example: for how long did a customer try on a product, or how many times did a customer view a design, or if they smiled while trying your Jewelry , or what age group prefers which designs over the others (and much more!)

5. Quality: Check. and then Double Check.

Tanishq’s Jewelry being tried on virtually on the Web browser

Our last tip: Pick the product of highest quality and one that feels the most intuitive because your brand deserves the best! The technology you integrate represents your designs to your customers and you don’t want to mess with that!

The end goal is to further enhance the customer experience, not make it more confusing. Trust players who’ve been in the industry: trust their experience & their expertise.

More often that not, you might be tempted to pick the technology that’s cheaper, but remember affordability should not come at the cost of your customer’s experience.

Virtual try-on on the Hazoorilal Legacy Website

We hope this was helpful. As a responsible stakeholder of the industry, we thought it’d be great to share these essentials with you. If this resonated, please share this with your fellow Jewelry entrepreneurs to further spread the word!

If you’re vocal for local & are looking for a technology partner, built in India, that serves your brand just right, we’re only a call/email away. Write to mirrar@styledotme.com & our team will get back to you!

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