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using augmented reality

Augmented Reality Platform

mirrAR is a real-time AR platform for retail brands that enables consumers to virtually try-on products and experience how it feels to own them before the actual purchase, both in-store & online.

mirrAR  in-store

Enable your customers to virtually try on products without physical interactions, inside the store


Integrate AR to any jewellery website, allowing your customers to try before they buy on all web browsers

mirrAR app

Consumers virtually on jewellery on their mobile via a link sent to them by their jewellers

mirrAR business

This lets manufacturers & wholesalers share inventory securely and communicate with retailers

mirrAR In-Store: Perfect for
Retailers & Exhibitors

Driving Sales via Experiential Shopping

Give your customers access to infinite digital inventory for hassle-free virtual try-ons in real time inside your stores.
Our easy to use, interactive interface lets customers make virtual selections, thereby making the shopping experience more immersive & unique.
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WebAR: Elevating E-Commerce
for brands across the Globe

Powering Virtual Try-Ons across the Globe

Customers across the world will get to try before they buy on your online store, without downloading any additional apps, thereby increasing the number of online interactions & reducing return rates.
mirrAR helps you gain access to customer insights, which further helps you make smarter business decisions.
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Digital Inventory Value
Virtual Try-ons
Cities Worldwide
mirrAR App: Virtual Try-Ons were never this Seamless

Inspire Purchases, On the Go

Connect & engage with your customers outside the physical boundaries of your store.
Share your digital inventory with customers via one link and give your customers access to try on your entire catalogue including earrings, necklaces, sets, rings & bracelets.
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Download mirrAR for iOS and Android
mirrAR Business: Every
Manufacturers Go-To Solution

Bringing the Jewellery Ecosystem Closer

A manufacturer can share digitised, customisable jewellery links with multiple retailers, who can further share them with consumers.
Our B2B solution has a three step security feature including an expiry date, a secure mode which disables screenshots (+ more!) and the option to restrict the link to only a specified phone number.
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Download mirrAR Business for iOS and Android







Farah Khan AliCEO of Farah Khan Jewellery

I was totally fascinated by the AR technology that Meghna showed me because it is user friendly and allows the customer to see products in 3D without having the actual inventory in stock. It is very well designed and makes it easier to choose designs for the client as well as facilitates our presentation much better

Anand Prakash — Abhushan Jewellers, Agra

"WhatsApp images don’t do justice to the kind of designs we make. Virtual try-ons by mirrAR have made a huge difference. We are being perceived as a progressive, tech-enabled jeweller. And especially during these post Covid times when people aren’t stepping out, the technology is helping us in a very big way. We’ve started sending out links for virtual try-ons as per customer needs & we’re getting part of our business back due to it!”

Balram GargManaging Director - PC Jeweller

We have started with Delhi-NCR and will soon be introducing AR platform to other locations as well. Our objective is to create more such experiences at malls, movie theatres, airports and other public places to take the brand beyond stores and reach out to customers in the near future.

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