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The Tanishq Experience, Powered by MirrAR

mirrAR has transfused a digital angle to the tradition & legacy of India’s number 1 jeweller, Tanishq. The brand trusts our solutions to sell more and connect with their customer, both inside their store and also, on their digital platforms. As a retail brand, Tanishq operates with an omni-channel engaging strategy that helps them stay close to customers, both old and new. Here are some more details about the integrations:

Tanishq In-Store

We’ve integrated & made Experience Zones inside the Tanishq stores across the country to help their customers make contactless selections and engage with infinite inventory

Tanishq Website

Customers can try  trt-before-buy via our WebAR technology on the Tanishq website. It has helped increase online transactions and reduce return rates.

Tanishq at Exhibitions

Even at exhibitions, we’ve digitised Tanishq’s inventory and helped them create a world class experience with virtual try-ons, thereby making the process safer and more secure.

Tanishq at the Airport

mirrAR, in collaboration with Tanishq, opened the world’s first zero inventory store at the Delhi & Bangalore airports where people could try & buy their collections, without any physical products.

Tanishq on Mobile

Using our link generation feature, Tanishq has been able to sent virtual try on links to consumers, who can try on Tanishq products from anywhere at anytime.

Why Invest in Virtual Try-On Solution for Jewellery Retailers?

The question should be “why not?” Big steps lead to bigger growth. Investing in mirrAR’s jewellery virtual try-on for retailers is that “big step” that promises bigger growth for the business owners. Made to keep jewellers ahead in the game with new-age AR technology, the solution modernises existing sales channels and creates newer ways to engage with the customers that are more relevant to their changed shopping behaviour and expectations.

Stand out the competition

Be an early adopter and set newer benchmarks for your competitors. When they stick to the same old practices, stride forward to prepare for tomorrow.

Enhanced engagement with customers

With try-on software for jewellery retailers, unlock a better and more seamless way to engage your customers; a modern way that consumers expect from top brands.

Enhanced engagement with customers

mirrAR solutions enable retailers to stay connected with the customers even outside the boundary of their stores. Stay active across all channels; be where your customers want you to be.

Convenience at peak

Virtual try-on solution for jewellery retailers checks all the right boxes to provide customers with maximum convenience. Easy and quick try-ons, prompt transactions, and a hands-free experience.

A unique experience

Pop that conventional bubble and empower your customers with a truly unique experience that they want and wish for. Deliver them a personalized, interesting, and memorable experience.

Boosted sales

Try-on software for jewellery retailers keep the business owners on the right track to sell more, retain more customers, and build an impeccable brand presence that people recognize.

Getting Started & Set Up:
Three Steps for the Win!

Setup your Digital Store

Once you have your digitised inventory, you can set up your store via our self service dashboard

Installation & Training

MirrAR will be integrated into a platform of your choice, the one that best aligns with your business needs.

You're All Set

Congratulations, you are all set to provide enhanced virtual try-on experience to your customers.

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