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Q: Tell me more about WebAR. Do people need to download an app for these virtual try-ons?

Our solution is used to enable virtual try-ons for your website. The integration is pretty seamless & does not take more than 30 minutes, if your jewellery is shot as per the mirrAR guidelines. On integration, you will witness increases online transactions & decreased return rates. No additional app downloaded is needed.

Q: Can I trial the WebAR solution before paying?

Sure! You can test out our free plan where you can experiment with 50 designs over a period of 30 days. Once the duration is over or you'd like to increased the number of SKUs, you can purchase a plan that suits your business.

Q: Can I use webAR if I don't have a website?

Absolutely! Incase you do not have a website, we do have a product which lets you set up a digital store showcasing all your inventory with a try on button available. This link will be accessible on all browsers.

Q: What other brands use WebAR right now?

The biggest brands including players such as HazooriLal Legacy, Tanishq Jewellers, Sawan Sukha, Isharya & so many more trust the brand for their business needs.

Features & Benefits

Reduced Return Rates

Your customers can now make surer purchase decisions as they get to experience what it feels like to own a product even before they pay for it.

Virtual Try-Ons

Enable Virtual try-ons for all your jewellery pieces on your website or whichever platform you use to conduct your business, that too in real time.

Business Insights

With mirrAR, you get access to data like never before. Understand your customers & their preferences better with this easy integration.

CAD & Hand Sketches

Our tech supports CAD and hand-sketches. Add designs to the website, let people try-on virtually & then take orders to manufacture.

100% Control

Our self service dashboard allows you to add & manage your digitised Inventory, pricing, security features & so much more. Explore now!

Privacy & Protection

You will have complete rights at every step of the process, from signing up to your credentials to adding and managing inventory. Convenient, reliable & safe.

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Team & Support

Once you're part of the mirrAR family, our support team will ensure seamless try-ons on your platform, end to end. We operate with a solution oriented approach & our team will be available for all your queries, concerns & problems.

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