Our dynamic solutions harness the power of augmented reality to revolutionise retail

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If you own a standalone retail store or a chain of retail stores, you’re at the right place. With mirrAR, you can digitise your inventory and make all your collections available across your outlets, over & above providing you access to consumer insights.

mirrAR could act as a great in-store addition to your outlets as it provides a larger than life seamless experience to your customers! 

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Here’s a sneak peek into how our clients have utilised our in-store solution to make their physical stores more engaging & interactive for their customers, setting them apart from their competitors. 

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The 21st century shopper looks for fast, convenient & seamless shopping experiences. If you have a store running on your website or is a part of an e-commerce platform such as Shopify, we can integrate mirrAR on it!

Once you have a ‘try-on’ button right next to your products, customers spend more time on your website & can be sure of their purchases since they get to try-on your products in real time, without the need of any manual adjustments, that too in real time. This also solves the age old problem associated with online shopping i.e. high return rates. 

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As a manufacturer, your biggest problems revolve around managing inventory and managing multiple retailers. And we have a solution for you! Our Augmented Reality based solution, mirrAR helps you manage multiple associations at once through chat integration. The solution is also absolutely safe & secure. You can stay updated about which retailer is trying on your pieces or has wishlisted a product & so much more! 

If you’re a manufacturer, seeking guidance around mirrAR for business, here is everything you need to know about. 


Do exhibitions or shows contribute a major business proposition for your brand? Our solution could further enhance your set up & product positioning 

You can now carry your entire store at your exhibit through your mirrAR app. 

It solves the problem of carrying multiple pieces everywhere you go & is definitely a safer bet. Also, it is highly beneficial because it collects analytics & data with every try-on which means you get to see what product was tried on or revisited the most or was wishlisted the highest number of times amongst other insights. All of this also helps you make way smarter business decisions across marketing, sales, customer service & designing. 

Our work has been recognised by many International agencies & we’ve been invited to top International Exhibitions such as Inhorgenta, Munich; JCK Las Vegas; JWS Abu Dhabi, Bridal Asia, Mumbai; Jaipur Jewellery Show amongst others. Catch a glimpse here!