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3 Steps To Increase Sales

Digitised Inventory

Digitise infinite inventory as per mirrAR specifications to ensure a seamless try-on experience for customers on your website

Integration Of A Code

Integrate a simple code on your website to make the ‘try-on’ button live for customers to enjoy trying before buying!

Experience Instant Benefits

Witness increased conversions & engagement rates on your website & truly boost your business & customer relationships outside your physical store


We initially started with the trial — the freemium version — of Mirrar. The team integrated the platform on our website. After reviewing traffic and the consumer engagement for a month, we decided to continue with MirrAR. We got our license and the whole process has been hassle free. Their team has been working with ours effortlessly and assisting us in every possible way. We are happy to have moved from the trial version to the full subscription model with MirrAR

Siddarth Rupchand Sawansukha
Managing Director of Sawansukha Jewellers

What After 30 Days ?

Increase Your SKUs

Enjoy benefits of virtual try-ons for unlimited inventory by picking a mirrAR package that is tailor-made as per your business needs.

Extend The Timeline

Impactful increase in engagement & conversions? Make sure you switch to a paid mirrAR subscription that lets user try before they buy till eternity.