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7 AR Startups to Look Out for in 2022

As we head into 2022, there is no stopping Augmented Reality. Statista highlights that there will be 1.07 billion users of AR in 2022 alone, which will inflate to 1.7 billion by the end of 2024. 

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Brands like Apple and Microsoft have already started betting on AR and mirrAR holds a similar enthusiasm.

At mirrAR, we truly believe that Augmented Reality technology has the potential to empower the fashion industry. The 250+ clients whom we have already served across 44+ cities worldwide have seen exponential growth in customer base and year-over-year revenue after adopting the mirrAR solutions.

Just like mirrAR is on a mission to overhaul the landscape of the fashion and jewelry industry, a few other startups are working in the healthcare, finance, gaming, education, manufacturing, and public service space to redefine these sectors. In this blog, we identify and acknowledge these top AR startups for their ideas, innovative products, immersive experiences, and motivations to take AR technology forward.

Here are 7 AR startups to watch out for in 2022

1. Herosight

Herosight is a Swedish startup that uses AR to provide complex and diverse training scenarios to paramedics, police officers, firefighters, and military personnel. It uses interactive hologram and holo-filters to merge the real world with digital features and enables the AR device wearer to train in a variety of circumstances. 

Herosight’s USP in the industry is cost-effectiveness and time efficiency. And the sector it has chosen can save lives. Institutions no longer have to rely on expensive simulations to train their staff. Herosight’s AR technology is easily programmable and adaptable.

2. Apricus-Medtech

Based in England, Apricus-Medtech’s primary product is its MedGuru Learning Experience platform that is aimed at education and training healthcare professionals but the startup is investing considerably in infusing AI into its product. Apricus-Medtech claims that it intends to use AR in helping aspiring doctors to learn new medical concepts better. Professional surgeons can also use its AR to plan complex surgeries or predict possible complications before the procedure.

Bringing the power of Augmented Reality into Healthcare is the startup’s mission. Many practicing doctors are already benefiting from Medtech’s immersive experience and the future of the startup looks bright.

3. Immersal

Immersal is truly one of the best AR startups to look out for in 2022 because its technology actually uses augmented reality in a way we imagined it a few years back. With Immersal, a business or an enterprise can map any physical space into the digital world and implement AR in that physical space to provide an immersive experience.

Currently, Immersal is extending its services to the manufacturing, retail, public, and gaming sectors. Users, through an AR-enabled device, can view an AR layer over the actual physical spaces to get instant information or play immersive games. The promise of the startup made Hexagon AB acquire the company recently as a fully-owned subsidiary.

4. Simulanis

Starting in November 2013, Simulanis has gradually risen to become one of the top AR-VR startups in India. Its major products include training simulators and wearables that employ the AR-VR-MR technology to provide industrial training to manufacturing units in a wide variety of sectors. As of now, Simulanis has extended its influence to India’s pharmaceutical, FMCG, automotive, oil and gas, and others with its AR-VR-based simulations and claims to have worked with 100+ companies already.

Industrial training holds the best potential to embrace AR along with retail fashion. Naturally, Simulanis is focusing deeply on the training space.

5. The Intellify

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, WebAR, AR filters, and 3D Modeling and Animation - The Intellify offers all these services to businesses to enhance their customer experience and bring the promise of AR and VR into their business space. In simple words, The Intellify is an app development startup that makes feature-heavy custom apps for a wide range of businesses. Among AR startups in India, The Intellify’s growth rate has been one of the best.

The full range of services that the company provides gives the startup its competitive edge. The manufacturing and healthcare sectors have been The Intellify’s early clients, but going forward, more industries can join its clientele as AR adoption continues its climb to the top in 2022.

6. LucidWeb

LucidWeb has risen fast to fame among all international AR-VR startups. The likes of Apple iOS, Android, and Google Cardboard features in its client list. LucidWeb provides a multi-device AR/VR experience to its client’s customers and promises WebXR features accessible through a browser. The startup also builds immersive content using interactive hotspots and provides seamless sync between smartphones and VR headsets.

LucidWeb’s expertise lies in VR festivals, 360-degree virtual tours, WebAR, and remote learning. Currently, it operates in the tourism, journalism, and storytelling sectors. But LucidWeb’s technology has the potential to expand into other industries as well as more companies start investing in multi-device AR-VR solutions.

7. Next Now Agency

This is one of the best AR startups in the US, with a growing list of eminent clientele. The Next Now Agency provides AR-VR experiences to its customers along with projection mapping, multitouch features, motion and gesture technology, and 3D animations. It already houses 40+ team members as a startup and operates out of the city of Chicago.

The diversity of its services will keep the Next Now Agency ahead in 2022. It has already hired a team of brand architects and game developers, clearly looking to expand further. The company is invested in the AR cause and maintains it as one of its top services.

Smart Brands Are Leveraging AR (Are You?)

These AR startups are reaching new heights every day because most businesses out there recognize the potential of AR. And as a jewelry brand functioning in the retail industry, you can no longer postpone adopting AR. Augmented Reality is the present and future of your jewelry business. In no time, almost all your customers will expect the AR-infused try-before-you-buy feature in your website, mobile app, or physical store.

mirrAR is specifically designed for jewelers. Top players like Tanishq and Kalyan Jewelers already use our AR application. So, contact mirrAR today, infuse AR, and give the best immersive experience to your customers to stay ahead.

Get more information about mirrAR by clicking here or write to us at mirrar@styledotme.com

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